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PokerStars Home Games is the newest feature on the world’s largest poker site. With Home Games, players can create their own poker groups to play and compete with friends. PokerStars is offering a free $5.50 Home Games ticket, with addition of a reload bonus up to $150 (or an equal amount in €, £ or C$). You can use your free $5.50 Home Games ticket at any Home Game with a $5.50 buy-in, and you can use for $150 wherever you like!

To take advantage of these free bonuses, make a deposit at PokerStars using the bonus code “HOMEGAMES” by March 20 at 11:59 EST. You’ll receive 25% of your total deposit back as a pending bonus, along with instantly receiving your $5.50 Home Games ticket.

To release the “pending” from your 25% deposit, you’ll need to earn a number of VIP Player Points, which you receive simply by playing at PokerStars. After you make your deposit, you have 30 days to earn as much of the bonus as you like. To earn your maximum bonus, and how many VPPs you’ll need, please see below:

$ – max bonus is $150 – clearance requisite is 20 VPPs per $1
€ – max bonus is €110 – clearance requisite is 27 VPPs per €1
£ – max bonus is £100 – clearance requisite is 30 VPPs per £1
C$ – max bonus is C$150 – clearance requisite is 20 VPPs per C$1

You want to receive the max bonus of $150. On March 15 you deposit $600 using the code “HOMEGAMES.” You have until April 15 to earn 3000 VPPs. (PokerStars will give you $10 every 200 VPPs you earn, so as you play, the money rolls into your account!)

You deposit $200 using the code “HOMEGAMES” on May 1. You have until June 1 to earn up to $50, which is 25% of your deposit. Earn the necessary 1000 VPPs (20 x 50) and you’ll have an extra $50 in your account!

After you’ve made your deposit, PokerStars makes it very easy to keep a track of it and see how much progress you’ve made in earning the VPPs. Login to PokerStars, and navigate to the Cashier window. Then, simply click the button labeled “Check My Bonus Status” and all of the information on your bonus will be clearly displayed.

Of course, it is important to note that if you are already earning a bonus, that bonus must clear, before you will start earning VPPs toward the HOMEGAMES bonus. It is advisable to finish clearing your current bonuses, before taking advantage of the HOMEGAMES bonus. That way, you will get the max value much more easily!

If you get too eager and forget to use the bonus code HOMEGAMES when making your deposit, PokerStars can manually apply the code. Simply e-mail their support team at, and PokerStars will take care of it. While you are playing, keep in mind that PokerStars does not offer any extensions on the 30 day time period for earning your bonus. So don’t wait to earn it until the last day!

If you are already a PokerStars player, make sure not to completely cash out before making a deposit with the bonus code. If you do, you unfortunately become ineligible for the 25% reload bonus. So take advantage and (if you aren’t working on clearing any other bonuses) make your HOMEGAMES deposit today!