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The poker community has come together to show their support for the citizens of earthquake-ravaged Japan. Full Tilt Poker started a donation fund for Japan and PokerStars quickly followed suit. Like Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars features two ways for players to donate. Additionally, PokerStars promised to match all donations which translates to grinders donating twice as much when they give to the people of Japan.

Donating money to the PokerStars relief fund is simple. Players can transfer any amount from their poker account to account ‘Japan Fund’ and their donation will be complete. Additionally, players can “buy in” to any one of PokerStars’ dummy tournaments under the “Tourney > All” tab. Please note that these tournaments will not play out and 100% of the buy in will go toward the Japan relief fund.

FlopTurnRiver readers and members are urged to give as much as they can!