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Starting tomorrow, players from Spain will be able to play real money poker on  The process of PokerStars obtaining a Spanish gaming license has been long in the works, yet it almost all fell apart last month.  PokerStars nearly lost this license due to their recent talks of bailing out former online poker giant FullTilt Poker. With having to pay fees and taxes associated with the Spanish license, some wondered if Stars had enough cash to handle both deals.

Players got the answer Monday, as PokerStars announced on their blog they will be launching tomorrow, June 5th.  President of Licensed Markets, Gino Appioti, appears quite happy with the deal, stating “Spain is a very important poker market and features some of the best players in the world”.   There is little doubt this agreement will bring a lot more traffic to PokerStars. As the world’s largest poker room, they have already cornered much of the Canadian, Italian, and French market. Those expecting some easy money from Spaniards might want to think that position, PokerStars  Spanish Team Pro member Juan Manuel claims “Spain is home to some of the best poker players in the world”.

The Spanish license adds to their many different poker agreements, including those in Italy, France, Denmark, Malta, Estonia, Belgium, and their home country, the Isle of Man.