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Just in time for the first anniversary of Black Friday, the Poker Players Alliance initiated a campaign to support a bill introduced by Texas Representative, Joe Barton.  In his 14th Congressional term, Barton introduced a bill in June of last year that attempts to regulate online poker independently of other types of Internet games through a network that would issue licenses to poker websites and would give the nation’s states the option of being part of the network.

Despite having the support of 27 other members of Congress, Barton’s bill remains with the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security along with a bill drafted by California Congressman, John Campbell, which also discusses web-based poker.  Campbell’s bill has 29 co-sponsors.

John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance, stated, “There needs to be some sort of national standard.”  And his nonprofit group, which has over 1.2 million members, is demonstrating its support of Barton’s bill through its campaign that has the catchphrase, “The Players Will Never Fold.”

The Alliance’s website reads:

“One year ago, U.S. government action resulted in the shutdown of major U.S.-facing poker websites. To mark the anniversary of this day and to send the message to our elected representatives that we demand action on legislation to license online poker, let’s all tell Congress that the poker players and enthusiasts of this great nation will never fold in the fight for the right to play America’s favorite card game!”

The Poker Players Alliance’s website also encourages people to contact their elected officials about federal legislation regarding online poker via email, Facebook, and/or Twitter.  And people can demonstrate their support of the Alliance’s standpoint by downloading special edition banners and logos to their websites and for use as avatars.

Individuals can join the Poker Players Alliance for only $15 per year.  Membership includes 40,000 HogBucks redeemable at Hog Wild Poker Leagues, a free t-shirt, and bi-monthly updates from the group’s Washington, DC team of lobbyists.  Members can also participate in conference calls with the Alliance’s Board of Directors and ask questions of the group’s in-house attorneys that pertain to the legal issues surrounding poker.