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Founded in 2005, the World Poker Tour Boot Camp is now making it easier for prospective students to attend its training camps.  Beginning with camps scheduled to be held toward the end of May, 2012, people will be able to pay the fees to attend Boot Camps included in the World Poker Tour Boot Camp’s program in installments instead of one lump sum.

The current cost to attend a 2-day Boot Camp is $1,895.  Beginning later this year, players will have the option to use’s payment plan to pay a camp’s attendance fee.  If a student uses the plan, he or she will have to put down an initial payment of $495.  Once the initial payment is made, the individual can attend a Boot Camp without having to pay the balance of the attendance fee prior to the start of the selected Boot Camp.  Instead, the World Poker Tour Boot Camp will charge the attendee’s credit card $199 per month for a total of seven months.

At present, the World Poker Tour Boot Camp has camps scheduled in several states including Nevada, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida and Texas through the end of the year.  Players can choose to attend Boot Camps that address how to improve their play in either cash games or tournaments.  Camps range in length from one to two days and some of them are open to alumni only.