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Daniel Negreanu has recently been working on his heads up game over at PokerStars, taking on some top players at $5/$10 NL. One of PokerStars’ biggest promotions running at the moment, The SuperStar Showdown, is a heads up challenge where new players take on Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom, in a 2500 hand, $50/$100 Heads Up No-Limit Hold’Em Match.

It appears that Daniel Negreanu is getting ready to take the challenge. No official announcement yet that Negreanu has accepted, but Negreanu has openly expressed interest in the challenge, and all signs so far point to Negreanu being ready to challenge Isildur1 a lot sooner than than expected.

Known as a top tour tournament player over the last few years, Negreanu has clearly been improving at his online cash game. Since the beginning of the SuperStar Showdown at PokerStars Negreanu has been seen in the chat box railing the matches and asking questions to the participants. This month Negreanu has gone from watching from the sidelines, to jumping into the fray. He’s challenged a variety of online grinders including some heads up specialists in preparation to take on Isildur1, and Negreanu has had solid results so far.

Negreanu’s Heads Up results:

  • TCfromUB – 323 Hands Played, -$3213 Total Profit
  • Nanonoko – 2502 Hands Played, -$854 Total Profit
  • adtina22 – 47 Hands Played, +$1.00 Total Profit
  • sergiobraga1 – 258 Hands Played, +$118 Total Profit
  • MyRabbiFoo – 2505 Hands Played, +$626 Total Profit
  • knecht_poker – 1035 Hands Played, +$895 Total Profit
  • dim-tix – 1050 Hands Played, +$6913 Total Profit
  • FMyLife – 1546 Hands Played, +$11,057 Total Profit
  • bmwmcoupe – 2504 Hands Played, +$11,083 Total Profit
  • ZeeJustin – 2501 Hands Played, +$17,771 Total Profit

Negreanu’s overall 4 tabling $5/$10 HU stats:

  • 14,284 hands $41,946 29.40 bb/100

We expect a lot more heads up action from Negreanu in the coming weeks and an official announcement when he feels he’s ready to step up to the SuperStar Showdown.