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Congratulations to Erick Lindgren and Erica Schoenberg, who are expecting a child. The couple, who were recently married in Las Vegas, announced the news over Erica’s Twitter feed.

“If u catch me at the table doing this (napping), or eating, burping & running to the bathroom, it’s because I’m pregnant!”

According to a family friend, Erica is due, November 22nd, 2011. No word yet on what they will name the child. The parents names, Eric and Erica, are Scandinavian in origin, meaning, “ruler of all”. The name fits Eric for, with over $7 Million in live winnings, he is one of the all time most successful poker players. On top of that Lindgren has won two WPT titles, and one WSOP bracelet.

Eric and Erica, are certainly one of the highest profile couples of poker. Eric’s given us many exciting final tables, television appearances, and been one of the biggest names in the game for years, as well as being a sort of ambassador, through his sponsorships. Schoenberg has given us great interviews and work in the poker media over the years. So if we had a Poker People magazine, I’m sure they’d both be shown strolling along the beach in Malibu.

No cashes so far for either Eric of Erica thus far in this year’s WSOP, but there is still plenty of time for Eric, the 2008 WSOP player of the year to make some moves. In 2008 alone he won $1,348,528 in cash.

This year Daniel Negreanu is hosting a $25,000 entry WSOP fantasy poker league. Lots of big name high stakes pros have entered this fantasy draft, including Barry Greenstein, Ashton Griffin, Justin Smith, and Todd Brunson. Currently team James Bord/Toby Lewis is in first place with 266 points. The good news for Erick and Erica is that Team Lindgren is not far behind, with 188 points in third out of fifteen entrants.

With a $375,000 prize pool, if Erick Lindgren can make a run at this WSOP poker draft, even without cashing in a single event, he could come out as a huge winner! That’s a lot of baby diapers!