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SunFirst Bank, one of the primary financial institutions targeted during the Black Friday indictments this past April, has shut down in the face of governmental pressure. Based out of Utah, SunFirst closed its doors late last week, according to

The bank’s chairman, John Campos, was one of several US citizens who found their name on the government’s indictment list following Black Friday. He is accused, reports say, of processing illegal online gambling transactions in collaboration with Chad Elie, a Las Vegas businessman. Campos has since been released by officials, following a bail payment of $25,000. Elie, for his part, was released on a $250,000 bail agreement.

The closure likely would have come in the near future, given the recent losses posted in their financial statements. Over the first half of 2011, SunFirst hemorrhaged some $2,700,000 of their patrons’ money.

So far, there seems to be little else to report on the matter. Check back for further details should new information come to light.