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S1G S2G SAGE Sailboats Sample Size San Francisco Bus Boy Sandbagging Sandwiched Satansnake Satellite tournament SC Scare Card SCOOP Scooping Screen-Name Seat numbering Seat Selection Secksy Second nuts Second Pair Sell Semi bluff Sesh Session Session Review Set Set Mining Set over set Setup Sexy Shark Sharkscope Shell Ship It SHOE Shootout tournament Short Stack Short Stack Ninja Shorthanded Shove Show one show all Showdown Showdown value Shuffling Sick Side Bet Side pot Sign-Up Bonus Silverstar Skin Sleeper Straddle Slot Machine Slow Down Slow Play Slow roll Small Ball Poker Small blind Small Pairs Small pocket pair Smooth Call Snap Call SNE SNG Snow Snowmen Soko Soul Read Speed Limit Spew Splash The Pot Split pair Split Pot Spot SPR Spread Spread limit Squeeze Squeeze Play SSHE SSNL Stab Stable Stack Stack-a-Donk Stack-Off Stacking off light Stacking Tables Stake Stakehorse Standard Standard (std) Standard Raise Starting hand chart Stat Check-Up Stats Steal Steal the button Steam Steel Wheel Step System Sticky Stone cold bluff Stop Loss Stop n Go Str8 Straddle Straight Straight Flush Strategy Card Street String Bet String Raise Strip poker Strip, The Structured STT Stuck Stud Stud/8 Study Study Group Suck(ed) Out Suited Suited Ace Suited Connectors Suited Gapper (SG) Sunday Brawl Sunday Lunch Sunday Million Sunday Mulligan Super Nit Super satellite Super System Super Tuesday Super Turbo Supernova Supernova Elite Superuser Sweat Sweating A Card Sweating A Friend Synchronized Breaks

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  • eg: Bad Beat
  • eg: A Bad Beat refers to losing a hand when you were the strong odds favorite to win. This is also known as a suck out.
  • eg: Hero holds AA and raises, Villain shoves all-in and Hero calls. Villain shows 66 and hits a 6 on the turn to crack Hero's aces - bad beat!
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