Live Dealer Bonus

100% up to $200

Bonus Code

None Required

Live Dealer Bonus Details

888 casino offers a live dealer bonus of 100% up to $200 (or €140/£100) for all new players. To clear this, the WR various based on the game you want to play, from 60x up to 300x. For example, if you play live roulette, the WR is 60x meaning a $200 deposit & bonus would require $24,000 ($400*60) to be wagered before cashing out. If play bet $25 per spin, it would take 960 spins.

No bonus code is required, simply make a first deposit of at least $25 to qualify. 888 casino offers live dealer blackjack (300x WR), Roulette (60x), and Baccarat (300x). Bonus must be cleared within 90 days. Bonus is sticky (non-cashable) and will be removed upon a withdrawal.

Live Dealer Bonus

100% up to £100

Bonus Code

None Required

Live Dealer Bonus Details

William Hill offers a 100% up to £100 bonus that’s exclusively for use in the live dealer games. The WR varies based on the game played, which is shown below:

Baccarat: 100x
Blackjack: 100x
Roulette: 50x
Casino Poker: 50x

For example, if you’re playing live blackjack, you would have to wager 100x the deposit and bonus: £200 * 100 = £20,000 before you can cash out. If you’re betting £25 per hand, you would have to see 800 hands.

Online Live Dealer Casinos: Guide, & How-To

Live Dealer games are just what you would assume, casino games with an actual dealer. Online casino is transformed from a private game where you click buttons by yourself to a social game with real people, and dealer, turing your computer into a real B&M casino. If you love the convenience of online casino games, but miss the social aspect that the live casinos offer, live dealer games may just bridge that gap for you!

Live Dealer Overview

All you need to experience Live Dealer games is a decent PC or a MAC and a fast internet connection. Note, that unlike most ordinary online casino games, Live Dealer games are only available for real money, so you won’t be able to try them out first. However, that shouldn’t be a problem in most cases. Even if you don’t know the game which you want to play, just like in a brick and mortar casino, you can simply ask the dealer to explain it to you.

Similar to a brick and mortar casino, every available Live Dealer game will have different tables, which will vary in betting limits and sometimes rules of the game. Live Dealer games tend to have higher betting limits than regular online casino games. You can also find VIP tables with the highest limits available.

Any Live Dealer table offers everything that a regular brick and mortar casino would offer. Everything you would usually see in front of you at the table is always present in your video stream. You can see the cards being shuffled, the dealer turning over his or her hand or spinning the roulette wheel. This is a far cry from an ordinary online casino game and it brings true excitement to the game, as well as ensuring players that the game is completely legitimate.

It’s hard to argue that anything can beat walking into a casino in Vegas or Macao and diving into the unbeatable brick and mortar casino atmosphere, where free drinks are brought right to your table. However, going to a brick and mortar casino can be difficult due to logistics, extra costs, time or a dozen other reason, so Live Dealer online games is a perfect substitute for it.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of ordinary online casino games like blackjack and roulette, you should definitely consider switching to Live Dealer games. With both being at your fingertips, the opportunity to bring some of that brick and mortar atmosphere straight into your home is just too good to pass up.


Since the launch of online gambling, blackjack did not changed a whole lot until Live Dealer blackjack was introduced. Now, blackjack is rapidly changing from this:

Regular Blackjack

A regular online casino blackjack table.To this:

Live Dealer Blackjack

A live dealer online casino blackjack table.Since Live Dealer blackjack can’t incorporate a full casino experience yet, is a balance between the old online version and the real world video feed. While the dealer, the surroundings and pretty much everything else in the video stream is real, players are not there to physically make the bets, so the table is overlaid with a digital image that allows users to make and see bets as if they are made on the real table.

Most online casinos with Live Dealer tables have blackjack tables available. The most common tables are the standard 7 seat tables, but some casinos do offer other table formats, including those that allow the dealers to deal to many players at once. In recent years, the popularity of Live Dealer games has grown immensely and this can lead to a shortage of 7 seat tables at peak hours.


Live Dealer Roulette

A live dealer online casino roulette table.Just like blackjack, Live Roulette is a mix of brick and mortar casino roulette with the basics of regular online roulette. All your bets are placed with the click of a mouse and displayed on the virtual overlay of the real table, while the real croupier spins the wheel and announces the results.

You won’t find lines of players waiting at full tables like you can with Live Dealer blackjack. This is because Live Roulette does not have player limits per table. A single croupier can cater to dozens of players. Most common among casinos that offer Liver Roulette is European Roulette with standard bets and payouts. French Roulette is also not hard to come by, while American Roulette is less popular.

Live Roulette is perhaps the most successful merge between online and brick and mortar games, since it gives players the best of both worlds. Players can quickly view outcome history charts, check betting histories and play multiple tables simultaneously, which would be hard to do at a brick and mortar casino.

Casino Hold’em

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em works just like regular Casino Hold’em. Both the player and the dealer get dealt two cards face down and if the player chooses to stick around until the whole board is dealt, the best hand wins. So in general, you are betting for hand to improve against the dealers hand, which can be very entertaining with a real dealer.

You won’t find as many tables of Casino Hold’em open as Live Dealer Blackjack or Roulette tables, since the game is not as popular. On the other hand, this means that there are rarely any queues at the Casino Hold’em tables, so you can jump straight into a game at any time.

The best software choices for Live Dealer Casino Hold’em are Playtech and Evolution Gaming. With years of Live Dealer gaming experience, these software providers are currently leading the industry in this field and easily have the most user-friendly software available.


Live Dealer Baccarat

A live dealer online casino baccarat table.It’s a good thing Live Dealer Baccarat did not exist in the mid-twentieth century, or James Bond might have spent his time playing online instead of going to an actual casino to play some baccarat. Famous for attracting high rollers, it’s not surprising that baccarat was one of the first games to be introduced in the field of Live Dealer games.

Most online casinos offer the standard Punto Banco baccarat version, along with single or multiple seat tables. However, if you prefer another variation of baccarat, you are bound to find it somewhere eventually. All players have to do is bet on the players hand to win, the bankers hand to win or to tie and the dealer will do the rest.

Where to Play Live Dealer Games

Ladbrokes is one of UK’s most successful casinos. Offering everything from a poker room to a casino and a sportsbook, Ladbrokes has proven to be a respectable and trustworthy organization. Ladbrokes is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Their software is provided by Playtech, one of the leading software providers in the industry.

The only requirement for players to access Live Dealer tables at Ladbrokes is a valid account. The Live Casino feature is fully integrated, so players can access Live Dealer tables through the downloadable client or through the in-browser flash version.

Ladbrokes Live Casino is pretty unique, as it offers a European Live Casino and an Asian Live Casino. The European version offers Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em and Roulette, while the Asian Live Casino offers Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo.

History of Live Dealer Online Gaming

While many might think that Liver Dealer online gaming is a recent addition to online casinos, it is actually 11 years old. The first ever Live Dealer games were introduced back in 2003 by Playtech.
One could expect something similar to emerge sooner or later, since live dealer games have distinct advantages against ordinary online casino games and even brick and mortar casinos, which they were made to emulate in the first place.

The introduction of Live Dealer games allowed amateur and professional players to interact with dealers and other players without leaving their homes and going to an actual casino. This is very convenient for people who can’t go to brick and mortar casinos for various reasons. For example, if you live far away from the nearest casino, the trip there alone is something that you are probably not looking forward to, so it’s way cheaper and far less hassle to play Live Dealer games online instead.

Another key reason for Live Dealer games popularity is the fact that many people just don’t trust a machine to do a dealer’s job. In this regard, Live Dealer games are just the same as in any brick and mortar casino.

The main reason why Liver Dealer games seem new to the industry, is because technology needed time to catch up for them to become widely available. Live Dealer games require fast and stable internet connections and back in 2003, they weren’t as abundant as today.

As fast and reliable internet connections became cheaper and more widespread, Live Dealer games started taking off all over the place and today you can find dozens of online casinos that offer them. The most popular Live Dealer games are Blackjack and Roulette and many online casinos also offer Live Baccarat and Casino Hold’em.

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