Jacks or Better
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Jacks or Better is easily the most well-known video poker game, and basically all others are in one way or another a spin-off of this all-time classic so it’s important for video poker players to learn about the casinos that offer the best Jacks or Better games and master its basic strategy.

The first thing to note is that only certain casinos offer a full pay Jacks or Better game, also known as a “9/6” pay table because Full Houses pay 9 and Flushes pay 6. This full pay version has a maximum potential return of 99.5439% and can be found at casinos such as Bovada Casino.

For those looking to improve their game, we highly recommend checking out http://www.videopokertrainer.org/. This website simulates a video poker game, one of which being Jacks or Better, and tells you when you’ve made the right or wrong decision. Spend a few hours playing this trainer, and I guarantee your video poker game will get much, much better!

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Here is what a 9/6 Jacks or Better pay table looks like. This pay table is offered by Bovada Casino among others, and has a maximum potential return of 99.5439%.

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This game features a big gap in royal flush pay outs when comparing the pay outs for 4 and 5 coins. Although between 1 and 4 coins, the royal flush pay out increases by increments of 250, it suddently jumps from 1000 to 4000 when going from 4 coins to 5. That means that whenever you play anything less than the maximum number of coins, you are missing out on a huge potential win and are reducing your potential return significantly. The first and foremost strategy step is to always play 5 coins. For more specfic strategies, check out our Video Poker Tips and Video Poker Trainer pages.

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