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  • TLR’s Pocket Pairs in SnG’s/Sit n Go’s
  • Posted by TLR on Aug 18, 2017
  • Pocket Pairs 101 Pocket pairs are considered one of the easiest types of hands to play, but as with usual with poker, nothing is really easy and straight forward. In this guide I will try to cover basic playing strategy with pocket pair, with some emphasis on specific situations that…
  • TLR’s Sit-n-Go Beginner Pitfalls
  • Posted by TLR on Aug 8, 2017
  • After a few months of playing online poker for real money I thought it would be appropriate to summarize a few of the common mistakes that I learnt through losing my money, and I saw my friends make and I commonly see on this site. Nothing I say here is…
  • The ABCs of Continuation Betting
  • Posted by TLR on Jul 17, 2017
  • C-betting is something you should routinely be doing when the flop misses you. You need to take into account your position, the number of opponents on the flop, your hand and other factors when deciding whether or not to make a continuation bet.
  • TLR’s Guide to All Things Turbo
  • Posted by TLR on Jul 8, 2017
  • It has been a while since I posted something that is more general then comments about specific hands, and I decided to try to come up with some dos and don’ts that are specific to turbo SNGs. This is mainly targeted for mid buy in stars SNGs ($15+1 and $25+2)…
  • Avoiding Tilt
  • Posted by TLR on Jul 8, 2017
  • {Discuss here:} HOW TO PROFITABLY NOT PLAY POKER Well I haven’t written a useful strategy post in a while, so what better time to write one than now! Now you may chuckle at the title, critically exclaiming, “Impossible!” But I assure you, the concept explained in this article is…
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