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Four of a Kind

See also: Quads. A poker hand which contains four cards of one rank, and an unmatched card of another rank. A Four of a Kind can only be beaten by a higher Four of a Kind or a Straight (Royal) Flush. It is impossible to tie while holding a Four of a Kind in...

Polarized Range

Taking an action with only really strong or weak hands, and nothing in the middle. This happens a lot with Pre-Flop 3betting, where players will 3bet JJ+,AK and also bluffs, but not hands like 66 or AJ.


This is usually typed into chat when a player is taking forever to make a decision.


Abbreviation for Top Pair Medium Kicker or Top Pair Middle Kicker. For example, holding A9 on a A T 4 flop.


A term used for being in a favorable situation or flopping a huge hand.

Red Pro

A term used for the professionals sponsored by FullTilt Poker. They are given this name because when they are playing the table that they are on is highlighted in red in the poker room lobby.

EV Graph

A visual representation of someone’s actual earnings vs. their expected earnings. This is done by determining a player’s equity every time he/she is all-in and then using a graph to show how it differs from his/her actual winnings.


A bad player, one who loses a lot of money every time he/she plays.


A really big fish, a player who will lose a lot of money long-run.

Ante on the Button

A common occurrence in live games, where instead of players paying an ante before each hand, the button antes a designated amount. For example, in a game with a normal $1 ante, the button might just ante $8-$10.


Abbreviation for Absolute Poker, a popular poker room on the CEREUS network.


Abbreviation of the popular online poker site Ultimate Bet, now on the Cereus Network.


The way a player is perceived at a poker table. This will happen over time as players begin to understand your style of play.

Unload the Clip

Referring to going all-in as a bluff, typically heard more in live poker than online play.


Abbreviation for Seven Card Stud, a game where players are dealt their first two cards face down, the next four face up (with a round of betting in between each) and a final card face-down with one last betting round.


Short hand for Fold Equity, the % of time your opponent will fold to a bet or raise.

Stat Check-Up

Posting statistics from PokerTracker or Hold’em Manager on poker forums, looking for advice on your game.


Slang for sexy, making a play that is interesting/cool/innovative.


A thread on a poker forum where an experienced player/poster answers any and all questions for a 24hour period. This gets its name from being stuck in a well, and having nowhere to go.

On a Roll

To hit a streak of good luck, typically resulting in winning a lot of money.


A common celebration in tournaments after a player knocks out another or doubles up. This is typically not used after sucking out, as it would be in bad taste.


A bad player who is very aggressive, betting and raising the majority of the time.

Gamble It Up

To call an all-in when you are sure you’re behind, but have a chance to improve to the best hand.


Slang for gamble, typically heard at the tap when someone calls an all-in with a draw. The amount of O’s can be changed for affect.

Nut Low

Having the worst possible hand after all the cards are dealt. For example, holding 24o on a board reading A 3 Q J 9.


Betting the smallest amount allowable by the rules, typically the Big Blind. This is a play that a lot of fish use if they don’t want to face a larger bet.

Three Pair

Most commonly seen in Omaha, where players are dealt four cards, but can happen in Texas Hold’em as well. A player might flop two pair, and then the board pairs as well, counterfeiting one of their pairs. This is not an actual hand, as players can only use five...


An action in which a player bets, gets raised, and calls the raise.

Running Bad

Having a string of tough luck, typically involving multiple bad beats.

Bet Size

The actual amount a player bets on any street. Some times the amount one bets can give away the strength of their hand.


Common internet forum slang, where a person posts the first response in an interesting/new thread.

Underbet the Pot

To be a small amount in relation to the size of the pot. Typically done when trying to extract value from an obvious weak hand.

Run Good

To hit a nice rush of cards, or to win a hand from behind.


Slang for "representing". An action which correlates to the strength of your hand.


Slang for money, normally seen on poker forums.

Cascading Tables

A multi-tabling option offered from most poker sites, where a player is able to sort their tables from the top-left of the screen to the bottom-right, which some overlap.

Stacking Tables

A multi-table option where all tables are places exactly on top of each other, so that only one table is seen.

Tiling Tables

An option offered by most sites, where players can automatically resize their tables to fit on their screen, usually works up to 9 tables on regular monitors and up to 12 on wide screens.

Resizeable tables

An option offered by most poker sites where players can make their tables a custom size, generally to fit more onto their computer screen.

Tapping the Glass

A common term for telling the fish at your table how bad they’re playing. This is in general an awful idea, as your money comes from them, and telling them to improve will only hurt your bottom line.


Online tables where only five players can sit. This is typically not seen on American sites, but is fairly common on European poker rooms.


Online tables where only only four players can sit

Study Group

A collection of poker players who discuss hand histories, theory, and event sweat each other during sessions.


Similar to ownage, to completely outplay an opponent.


Shorthand for "On The River"


To play your hand in a way which it appears stronger than it actually is, typically done with weak made hands.

Follow Through

To bet the next, normally as a bluff. Raising the flop and then betting the turn.

Rap the table

To check in live poker, normally by tapping the table with your hand.

Knock the table

To check in live poker by making a knocking motion with your fist on the felt.


Common misspelling of the word good, typically when asking whether or not a play was standard.


A common abbreviation for micro stakes no-limit games

In the dark

This is a term that is exclusive to live poker games. It refers to a check or bet that a player makes before even seeing the next card(s) dealt. More commonly, a player who is first to act in the next betting round will call out, "Check in the dark!" as the...

Wayne Gretzky

Pocket 9’s (99). The Great One’s jersey number. Probably a Canadian at the table if this term is used.

Flat Call

To call a Preflop raise, sometimes referred to as a "flat".


Pocket Aces, also known as "American Airlines", "Pocket Rockets", or "Bullets".


Pocket Kings, known as "cowboys" or "Ace mangets" for their tendency to run into Pocket Aces.


Pocket Queens, also known as "ladies".


Pocket nines, sometimes referred to as "Phil Hellmuth" because he won his only WSOP Main Event with pocket nines.


Pocket Tens, also known as "Dimes".


Pocket Jacks, also known as "hooks".


A player or play that is out of the ordinary. Someone who uses a lot of fancy plays and tries to mislead his/her opponent.


Referring to a player having no more money in his/her account, or a player being eliminated from a poker tournament.

Money Transfer

Sending/Receiving funds from one player to another through an online poker site.


Pocket eights, also known as snowmen.


Pocket sevens, also known as hockey sticks.


Pocket sixes, a mid pair.


Pocket fives, also known as speedlimits (in the US 55 mph is a typical speed limit).


Pocket fours, also known as sailboats.


Shorthand for pocket threes.


Pocket Twos, also known as deuces.

PF Hand Chart

A chart or graph which shows a player what hands to play in each particular position. Some charts go into greater detail, explaining what to do against limps and raises.

Take a Stand

To not fold in the face of aggression, either to call or raise, generally with out a strong hand.