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Table talk

Any talk, at the table, regarding the hand that is currently going on. This is usually bad etiquette and against the rules.


An acronym for take it down.

Throwing a party

Refers to a player who is gambling recklessly and throwing his money away to other players.

To go

Refers to the value of a certain bet. An amount to go is how much it takes to enter a pot.


Refers to a Tournament of Champions.


Usually means to slowplay, but to trap means to induce a desired action from opponents.

Triple shootout

A tournament that starts with 81 tables. Each table plays until the final player is the left. Those players form the next 9 tables. The winners of those tables form the final talbe.

Two gapper

In hold them, any hole cards which are separated by two cards in rank.


Ui is an acronym for unimproved. A hand that does not change


In poker, a pocket pair that is lower than any of the community cards.


In stud, the cards that are dealt face up for all to see.


Under the gun plus two, the third person to act preflop.


UTG+1 refers to under the gun plus one, the second player to act preflop.


A small percentage of the pot taken by the house.

Village People

A hand which contains four queens. Inspired by the disco group of the same name which typically dressed up in stereotypically gay fantasy costumes.


An acronym for very nice.


In online poker, an acronym for very nice hand.

Stacking off light

To move all-in with a weak or marginal holding. This is usually performed as a bluff when you believe your opponent will fold, or will call you with an even weaker holding.

Assault rifle

In Omaha, holding A-K-4-7 as your hole cards. In reference to the AK-47 assault rifle.


A lose aggressive player (LAG). A maniac.


In Hold ‘Em, the hole cards of 8 and 4. In reference to George Orwell’s 1984.

Aces and spaces

A pair of aces. Usually used in 7CS, where the typical winning hand is two pair or better.


The amount of money to be won or lost based on a decision.

Smooth Call

Synonymous with flat call, to call in a situation in which it is standard to raise.


In poker, refers to two pair with the highest pair being named.

Wake up

To wake up, means to have a strong starting hand you are going to play. Usually, there is action in front of you.


Slang for a Wraparound straight draw


A system, based on equilibrium strategies that allows one to play unexploitable. SAGE can only be implemented properly when two players remain and the smallest stack has ten or less big blinds.


In online poker, to timeout refers to when your time bank reaches 0 and you are forced to fold if facing a bet. If you are not faced with a bet usually timing out results in a check.


In staking, to steal money from your staker instead of using it to play in prearranged tournaments or cash games.

Royal hold’em

A variation of hold’em that uses only tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces.


In poker, pitch is synonymous with fold.


Rostucko refers to being down a significant amount of money, and then getting even or showing profit.

Puppy feet

A comical substitution that can be used in the place of "clubs" when referring to the suits of playing cards.

Baluga Theorem

The Baluga Theorem refers to the notion a player should strongly reevaluate one-pair hands facing a turn raise.


In on-line poker, the lobby is what the player navigates to find a table to sit at. Most lobbies allow you to navigate by stakes, poker game variation, and whethervit is a tournament or cash game.


The act of rearranging the cards into a random order, performed after every hand of live poker.

Cooperation play

The act of checking a hand down when an opponent is all-in by the other participants in the pot. This is done in order to increase the odds that one person gets a hand at showdown that may be enough to eliminate the all-in player. This is not regarded as collusion,...


An incorrect verbal declaration of the ranking of a hand. If you say you have top pair but instead have a flush, you have made a miscall.


(Cutting): The action of splitting the deck during shuffling to prevent cheating. Sometimes it is done using a cut card.

California Lowball

A variant of ace-to-five lowball poker, played with the addition of a joker in the deck.

All Pink

A flush containing either all diamonds or all hearts.


The QJ offsuit. Named after the famous Greek myth of the same name, in which he fulfilled a prophecy that said he would kill his father and marry his mother. The Jack is smaller than the Queen, representing the situation.

Slot Machine

Three of a Kind Sevens. Named because three sevens is the most likely jackpot you could hit in standard Vegas Slot Machines.


A poker hand consisting of a King and a Jack of differing suits. Named after the famous detective of the 70’s.

Royal Suicide

The KQ of hearts. Theoretically, it could also be called the Mike Tyson hand.

Royal Couple

The KQ of diamonds is also sometimes referred to as the Royal Couple. Theoretically, it could also be called the Mike Tyson hand.

Dolly Parton

The 95 of hearts. Also known as Hard Working Man or New Jersey Turnpike

Mike Tyson

The KQo poker hand. It is usually described as looks strong, but has a glass jaw. Term was popularized by Mike Sexton in one of his many WPT broadcasts.


A combination of freeroll and troll. This is used to refer to people who sign up at forums only to be able to play in exclusive freerolls, and these are identified most of the time by their first posts full of bad grammar which goes like "wut is the passwrd for...


a lesser used version of TY, this one meaning "thank you very much".


‘Good game’, typically used after knocking out a player from a tournament.


Sometimes used in celebration for knocking out a player from the tournament. This is regarded to be in bad taste, so try not to use it. Instead, use GG.

Cashout Tournament

A type of tournament offered by Full Tilt poker which allows a player to cashout some or all of his/her chips before the conclusion of the tournament. When registering, half of the buy-in goes into the cashout pool, which a player can then use to cashout before...


A 5-card stud variant. It is played exactly as 5-card stud is, except 4-card flushed and 4-card straights now beat a pair. The other hand rankings remain unchanged, with two pair+ beating a four flush.


(also ty): abbreviation for "thank you". Also tnx or just t.


Another abbreviation for check, particularly used by Poker Academy Prospector.


(also known as Badougi, Paduki or Padooki): a draw poker variant similar to triple draw, but with hand values more in line with lowball. The betting structure and overall play of the game is identical to a standard poker game using blinds, but, unlike traditional...

Matrix Tournament

A type of Sit-n-Go tournament that is endemic to Full Tilt Poker, in which the same players will play on multiple tables versus one another. A participant will score points for every player he or she knocks out, and for every player he or she outlasts at every table....

Amarillo Slim

Thomas Austin Preston, Jr., winner of the 1972 WSOP Main Event, and a member of the poker hall of fame since 1992.