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Wild Bill Hickok

An Old West gunslinger who was shot in the back of head while holding the cards that came to be known as Dead Man’s Hand.

Game Theory

A branch of mathematics which applies itself to probability and chance in various forms of games. It is particularly applicable to certain areas of poker.


Another name for the button, a small disc which indicates which player is the nominal dealer.

Riverboat Casino

A casino held on a river-going vessel. Many U.S. states, previously or currently, only allow gambling establishments to be run on the water.


A 1998 film about two aspiring poker players who lose a large sum of money and then embark on a series of cash games in an attempt to win it all back. Stars Matt Damon, John Malkovich and Ed Norton. It has attained cult status among poker fans and players.


The poker games where the buy-ins, blinds, and antes are very large.


A state wherin you lack fiscal liquidity.


The opposite of a downswing. A period where a player is receiving good cards and/or winning in the game(s) they play in.

Poker Million

A European poker tournament founded in 2000. It is televised and regularly draws million of viewers.

Last Longer

Two or more people pick one player each in a tournament and bet on who will be eliminated last.

Side Bet

An ancillary wager, often dependent on the action on the table.

Durrrr Challenge

A contest created by Tom Dwan. Known as durrrr online. He challenged any player (except Phil Galfond) to play 50,000 hands of No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha on 4 simultaneous tables. If Dwan finishes up at after all the hands have been played, his opponent...

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

An organization in Mohawk territory that regulates a large number of online poker sites based in the area. They drew the spotlight after two of their charges, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, were involved in cheating scandals in 2007/2008.


A tournament which pays out entry into a higher buy-in tournament.

Poker Boom

The period after Chris Moneymaker’s WSOP victory in 2003 when the popularity of online poker underwent a massive increase.


The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association. An industry group dedicated to furthering the interests of online gaming and entertainment companies.

Poker Players Alliance

A grassroots organization comprising over a million poker players around the United States. They play a large role in lobbying for pro-poker concerns in Washington and around the country.

Sign-Up Bonus

A small cash reward given for free when registering an account at an online poker site.

Referral Code

A series of numbers of letters which inform an online poker company from which website you came to their client. Using FTR referral codes will often allow you to compete in exclusive tournaments.


Short for promotion. Any kind of special contest, prize, or bonus provided by an online poker room.

Bonus Code

A short series of letters or numbers which you enter to unlock some form of deal at an online poker site.


The area in an online poker site where you can make deposits and withdrawals.


Graphical User Interface. In poker, the design and visual style of an online poker client.


In a poker tournament, being eliminated in a position which pays a monetary reward.


A hand or player is a "dog" if they are not the favorite to win.

VIP Club

A reward system employed by many online poker rooms, which gift various bonuses and prizes depending on the volume of FPPs earned.

Team Full Tilt

The team of players sponsored by Full Tilt online poker site. The squad contains many of the game’s most popular and skillful players. Phil Ivey, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, and Howard Lederer are all members of Team Full Tilt.

Live Tournament Winnings

The amount of money won by a player by cashing in live tournaments. Often used as a measure of a player’s tournament proficiency.

Guaranteed Tournament

A poker tournament in which the hosts guarantee that the prize pool will be at least a certain amount. If the buy-ins do not reach the guarantee, then the poker room will make up the difference.

Check Blind

When the first player to act post-flop checks before the board cards have been dealt.

Late Night Poker

A British poker tournament, consisting of a series of televised single table heats, semi-finals, and final. It began airing in 1999 and was the first show ever to use the Hole-Cam.

PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge

A poker game-show fronted by Daniel Negreanu. He coaches contestants who play heads up against a celebrity and then a Team PokerStars Pro. If they conquer both opponents they will then face Daniel for a chance to win $1 million.

Poker Gods

A fictitious pantheon of deities often blamed or praised for delivering strokes of bad or good luck during poker hands.


A handle chosen by anyone with a registered account on an online poker site.

Riffle Shuffle

A method of shuffling playing cards. The pack is cut into two equal halves and two corners are brought together. Both corners are lifted with one hand each. Cards are dropped one-by-one very quickly so that they overlap with each other. The pack is then squared.


A small image or model, used on online poker sites to represent and distinguish between players at the table.

Chip Shuffle

A very common chip trick in which two chip stacks are combined by drawing them together in a manner akin to a riffle shuffle.

WSOP Stud Triple Crown

Obtained by winning three different stud events in different stud disciplines at the same WSOP series. Previously achieved by Puggy Pearson, Ted Forrest, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, and Jeff Lisandro.

Triple Crown

The Triple Crown consists of a victory in a WSOP, WPT, and EPT event. Currently only Gavin Griffin and Roland de Wolfe have completed this feat.

Prize Pool

The amount of money taken from the buy-ins that is used to award prize money.

Tiled Tables

A popular way of organizing multiple tables on the same monitor. In a Tiled view, all the tables will be displayed at once, each taking up the same area of the screen. Many online rooms offer a button which can be clicked to automatically resize and reorder...

Bet Slider

The most common method of choosing bet size in online poker rooms. A small indicator is moved right or left along a scale to increase or decrease the size of the wager.


The Czech-Slovak Poker Tour is a PokerStars regional series, taking in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The Asian Poker Tour comprises a range of tournaments held at locations in Asia.

WSOP Circuit

Touring World Series of Poker events held at a number of US casinos. They award custom rings to the winner of each tournament.


The European Championship of Online Poker, a regular online tournament series run on the iPoker network skins.


A popular acronym for (Fixed) Limit Hold’em


A popular acronym for No Limit Hold’em.

Super Turbo

A poker tournament where the blind levels increase extremely quickly. Each level will usually last less than 5 mins.


Otherwise known as 7 Card Stud High/Low, in which you attempt to make your best five card low hand and high hand from the seven cards you are dealt.

Bing Blang Blaow

A comedic exclamation of victory used by certain online poker players. Much of it’s use derives from a popular poker themed spoof hip-hop video on YouTube.

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker are one of the largest online poker rooms in the world. They are famous for their star-studded roster of sponsored pros, which includes the likes of Phil Ivey, Chris "Jesus&" Ferguson, and Tom Dwan.

Hot deck

A hot deck refers to a deck of cards that has recently produced more good hands than normal.


HH is an acronym for hand history, a record of a single online poker hand.


Green refers to a $25 chip which is green in color.

Free ride

A free ride refers to any street that had no betting action.

Four flush

A flour flush refers to any hand with four of the same suit in it.

Flat tire

The starting hole cards of J4. What’s a jack four (for)? A flat tire!


An acronym for the miniature Full Tilt Online Poker series, a series of online tournaments sponsored by FullTilt Poker. The buyins for miniFTOPS events are significantly less than FTOPS events.


An asian sensation who has had more success live than online.

Cover play

In online casinos and poker rooms, cover play is playing more than the minimum playthrough requirements for a bonus to make it appear you were not playing just to receive the bonus.


In gambling, a dime means $1000.

Big lick

Big lick refers to the starting hand 6-9, in reference to the 69 sex position.

Mexican bankroll

A Mexican Bankroll is a stack of cash with $100 bills on the top and bottom and $1 bills in between. This creates the facade that the stack is quite valuable.


A cranberry is a chip worth $25,000, it resembles a cranberry in color.

Dark Tunnel Bluff

A Dark Tunnel Bluff is a multiple street bluff that doesn’t take into account your opponent’s range.

Fake think

Fake think refers to when a player appears to be thinking about a decision, but his decision is already made. This is is done to deceive opponents.


Sesh is slang for a session of poker.

Double Deuce

The Double Deuce is a $22 tournament on Full Tilt Poker that starts at 16:22 ET on Sunday. The prize pool is guaranteed to be at least $200,000.


T&C stands for terms and conditions. Each poker room has different rules, so be sure to read them carefully