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Texas Calculatem Odds Calculator

Below is a nice write-up provided by Texas Calculatem that explains the benefits of using a poker odds calculator while playing online Texas Holdem poker. How To Use An Odds Calculator To Win More Money At Online Poker Do you use a poker odds calculator? I sure hope...

SNG/Sit & Go Shark

Roy Rounder of Sit N Go Shark provided the below write-up that describes the sit & go’s in general, the Sit & Go Shark software package, its benefits, and some testimonials! The Fastest And Easiest Way To Make A KILLING At Online Poker Tournaments by Roy...

Bluffing Poker Tells

Players will give off certain and more precise tells when they are bluffing. Although it may matter on the player themselves, there are some general tells that Caro talks about that apply at the poker table. Smoking Even though smoking is banned in almost every poker...

Time Pot

A Time Pot is a method players use for paying a card room’s time charge. Players agree that the winner of the first pot over a certain size will pay the table’s time charge.

Steel Wheel

A steel wheel is a 5 high straight(Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5) all the same suit(a flush).


Bullets refers to the preflop hand of aces (AA).


When a player is running hot, winning pot after pot, he is said to have the rungood.


Abbreviation for Open Face Chinese. You can play OFC on FTR:

Fantasy Land

When playing Open Face Chinese Poker, a player hits Fantasy Land with QQ or better in the top row, without fouling. In the next deal, the player will receive all 13 cards face down and can set it however they like.

Open Face Chinese Poker

A variant of Chinese Poker where players set 5 cards face up, then are dealt 1 card at a time until a full 13 card Chinese Poker hand is made. Sometimes referred to as OFC.


A negative (or "red") figure that exists as a condition of staking arrangements, especially common for tournament staking but also applies in cash games.

Chinese Poker

A variant of poker played with 13 cards and set 5 in the back, 5 in the middle, and 3 up top. Your back hand must be the strongest hand, middle second strongest, and top your weakest. After hands are set, players compare hands and are given points based on hand...


Loose aggressive retard. Someone who plays a very loose and crazy style with no respect for money.


Suited Two Gapper – 2 cards of the same suit with 2 gaps between their ranks. Examples: Q9s,J8s,T7s,96s,85s,74s,63s,52s Note that AJs,KTs are not usually considered S2G’s, as their strength is more appropriately described as suited broadways. Also note...


Suited One Gapper – 2 cards of the same suit with 1 gap between their ranks. Examples: J9s,T8s,97s,86s,75s,64s,53s Note that AQs,KJs,QTs are not usually considered S1G’s, as their strength is more appropriately described as suited broadways, 42s is weaker...

Showdown value

A hand that can beat at least some portion of an opponent’s perceived range.

Bingo Player

"Bingo Player" a poker player who makes blatantly bad poker plays, and believes in the luck of the cards will determine victory or defeat. It provides a ready-made excuse for the week poker player. They can blame ‘bad luck’ for their ill fortune...


Some one being a fool. Someone doing something that’s not right.


When one person wins a large pot, whether it’s heads-up or multi-way "It’s A Hogger!"


What you say to someone after they suckout on the final table bubble of a large event. Stands for "Good game I hope you die."


The term Woolworth’s denotes a ten and a five (T5) of any suit as holecards. The name is derived from the high street retail chain which was traditionally a chain of 5 and 10 cent stores.

Loose Cannon Hold’em

A poker game in which after the action in the hand has ended and a winner has been determined then all five community cards are revealed to all participants. If the flop has been seen and the action ends a winner is determined then the 2 community cards that had not...

Panorama Hold’em

A poker game in which the player who folds to stop the action in the hand reveals their hole cards and all other players who remain in the hand will reveal their hole cards.


an abbreviation for *Go Fuck YourSelf*


To integrate skills attained from previous experiences in present endeavours.

Daniel’s Room

Daniel’s Room is a high stakes is an area of the PokerStars lobby dedicated to deep-stack, high-stakes cash games. The room is named after poker legend Daniel Negreanu.


To "run it twice" is the act of dealing remaining streets twice in all-in situations and dividing the equity share. This is typically done to lower variance.

Sunday Lunch

The Sunday Lunch is a $215 tournament on Poker Stars that takes place 11:00 AEST each Sunday, or 19:00 EST on Saturday. The inaugural Sunday Lunch took place on February 21, 2010.

Rush Poker

Rush Poker is an innovative, hyper turbo type of cash game offered at Full Tilt Poker. Players do not select individual tables, instead, they are divided into player pools. Every time you fold while playing Rush Poker, you are immediately transported to a different...


Pronounced Blood, Sweat, Tears. A legendary No Limit Hold’em player from pre-UIGEA poker cash games on party poker.

Nothing across

In live game – squeezing the side of the card to narrow down the possible hole card Nothing across is A,2 or 3

Two across

In live game – squeezing the side of the card to narrow down the possible hole card Two across is 4,5

Three across

In live game – squeezing the side of the card to narrow down the possible hole card Three across is 6,7 or 8

Four across

In live game – squeezing the side of the card to narrow down the possible hole card Four across is 9 ot 10

Mean Raise

Mean Raise refers to one or more players aggressivly raising or reraising, perhaps because they want to send a messege to the origional raiser or just suffered a bad beat, but rarly because they truly have a strong hand.

WSOP Hall of Fame

A prestigious group of players who have been honored by the World Series for their contribution to poker. New entrants are voted for by a media panel and the living members of the Hall of Fame.

Piece, A

You can buy a piece of a player by paying for some or all of their entry fee. You are then awarded a negotiated percentage of any winnings they receive.


To put up some money for another player to enter a cash game or tournament.

Amazon Room

An area of the Rio Hotel and Casino which plays host to the World Series of Poker.

Strip, The

A road in Las Vegas, Nevada which contains many of the cities largest and most popular casinos.


The Rio Hotel and Casino on the The Strip in Las Vegas. It has been the host of the World Series of Poker since 2006.

Big Game, The

The high-stakes cash game(s) played in the "Bobby’s Room" area of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

Bobby’s Room

A special area of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, designed to host high stakes cash games. It is named after former casino mogul and WSOP ME champ, Bobby Baldwin.

Bubble Boy

The person who finished the tournament on the Bubble – the last place which does not pay any prize money.

Pump it Up

Notably increase the amount of money in the pot by making a large bet.


A term used to refer to the different styles of play possessed by one player.


A type of straight draw where you are hoping to receive a card in the middle of the 5 cards needed.


To raise the smallest amount permitted by the table stakes.


To spend time thinking (or pretending to think) about what whether you should bet, check, or fold.

Chip Reese Trophy

An award given to the winner of the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event at the World Weries. It is named to commemorate the late Chip Reese.


To call from the small blind pre-flop when the pot has not yet been raised.


Either: Performing some action in order to provoke a useful reaction from an opponent OR playing marginal cards on a draw in the hope of hitting a big hand.


A number preceding the word "Handed" indicates how many players are in the game.


Something which is either very good or very bad.

H.R. 2267

A bill proposed by pro-poker Representative Barney Frank. It’s full title is the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act. If introduced into law it would implement a fully regulated online gambling industry in the United...

The Corporation

A team of top-class poker players who joined together to raise the cash to play billionaire businessman Andy Beal in an ultra-high-stakes cash game. The group included Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Todd Brunson, Ted Forrest, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey,...

Poker Brat

A nickname for Phil Hellmuth. Gained thanks to his sometimes belligerent attitude at the poker table.