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The player who acts one before the cutoff.


The player to act before the player on the button and after the player sitting in hijack. Better known as the CO.


Stack can refer to: a) To Stack someone is to win everything that player has at the table. b) The total amount of a players chips at the table.


Return on Investment. A statistic that is usually only used when describing success/failure rates in tournaments, and is calculated through a tracking program, such as poker tracker or hold em manager or websites such as sharkscope. You can do this calculation...


A Single Table Tournament. The most typical form is a 9 man Sit n Go where the top three get payed.

Post Oak Bluff

Betting a small amount as a bluff hoping to represent a strong hand value betting & wanting a call.


Acronym for Double-Or-Nothing type of Sit-n-Go tournament. The tounament ends once half the playing field is left, awarding the surviving players double their buy-in. DON strategy differs from normal Sit-n-Go strategy since you are not playing to win the tournament,...

Drawing Dead

A situation that rarely occurs in poker, used to describe a hand that has no hope of becoming the better hand by the river.

San Francisco Bus Boy

A nickname often applied to the hand Q3 – Queen with a Trey. This term is often applied to hands as a nickname in order to remember the hole cards without constantly peeking back.


This term is often applied to the hand 88 as a nickname. Nicknames are often used on hands in order to help you remember what you have in the pocket without constantly referring back.

Dinner for two

This term is often applied to the hand 69s or 69o as a nickname. Nicknames are applied to hands as an easy way to remember what is in the pocket without having to look back constantly.


Acronym meaning Like Duh Obviously. In the FTR Poker Forum this phrase changes to {acronym renton hates}.


A poker tournament, usually with a small entry fee, where most of the players are weak. Saying made popular by Barry Greenstein when he said "LOL Donkaments" on High Stakes Poker season 3.


What stakes you play at is easily defined using #NL. The # sign is equal to whatever the big blind is multiplied by 100.


Acronym meaning All In Pre Flop.

Set Mining

Limping or calling bets with a pocket pair in hopes of hitting a card of the same rank on the flop.


The strength of a non-paired card in your hand. An ace is the strongest kicker, a 2 is the weakest kicker and so-forth. If multiple players have the exact same strength of hand at the showdown, kickers are compared to determine the winner.


Top Pair Top Kicker. A Texas Hold’em term to describe the players hand. Not only has one of the cards in the players hand matched what was flopped onto the board, the kicker is also the best possible kicker on the board. This occurs most often with hands like AK...


A term used to describe the last player to be eliminated from a tournament before the money is awarded to players.

Hole Card

A card which is dealt to the player face down so that no other player can see it.


No Limit Hold ‘Em Hole cards consisting of two Kings


A bad player, who often loses a lot of money.


A mandatory bet paid equally by all players before the hand is dealt.


To check when given the first opportunity to bet and then raise when another player bets during the same round of betting.


To match another players’ bet.

Bad Beat

A Bad Beat refers to losing a hand when you were the strong odds favorite to win. This is also known as a suck out.

Slow roll

To slow roll a player is to purposely take a long time to call a bet while holding the nuts (or relative nuts). When a person slow rolls, his opponent is usually all-in and there is no one else left to act.


When you make a second raise or re-raise. The blinds are considered the first bet, the raise is the second bet, and the re-raise would be the third bet, or 3-bet.

Open Ended

Short for open ended straight draw. You have 8 outs to complete your straight. Also known as up and down straight draw.


BOC is an acronym that stands for Ballin’ Out of Control which was coined by gabe.

Aces Up

A poker hand where you have two pair, aces and something else. This hand should not be referred to as "two pair", when one of the pairs is aces, but rather "aces up".


A hand with no value (no pair) typically associated with a bluff. When you raise or call with nothing, it is commonly called air.


In Texas Hold’em, each player has two cards dealt to them, and then share five community cards. These five community cards, however, do not all get dealt at the same time. There are rounds of betting at certain intervals during the deal. After the first two...

Gut Shot

A hand where you have 4 of the 5 cards needed to make a straight, but your 4 cards are not "connected" or in sequential order, so you need a single card in the middle of your straight to complete the straight. This type of hand is also known as an...


A common mixed game consisting of Limit Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo.

Stop n Go

A move whereby you call a raise, but you are first to act on the flop and you push all-in regardless. Usually where you will probably get called by a better hand if you push pre-flop or you are going to get called anyway, but you may get that better hand to fold if...


A hole or shortcoming in your game. Usually a fairly small mistake, but one in which you are ‘leaking’ chips – most notable is completing from the SB (largely because of the discount price) with moderate to poor holdings looking for miracle flops.