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OESFD is an acronym that stands for "open-ended straight-flush draw."


An observer is a spectator of a poker game. Observers are also known as railbirds.


NH is an acronym commonly used in online poker rooms that stands for "nice hand."


To needle a player is to taunt a player in an attempt to get him/her to tilt.


The acronym "NC" is used in online poker chat boxes and stands for "nice call," or "nice catch."

Moneymaker Effect

The Moneymaker Effect refers to the poker boom in the early-mid 2000s that has been accredited to Christopher Moneymaker winning the World Series of Poker in 2003.


A misclick in online poker refers to a player clicking the wrong action during a hand. For example, he may raise when he really intended to fold.


MGR stands for monthly gross rake. It is most commonly used on rakeback websites.


Marginal refers to situations or cards that barely make the cut between call and fold.

Made Hand

A made hand is a strong hand that does not require more cards (drawing is unnecessary).


Taking the "lead" refers to taking initiative on a round of betting.


The LAPT, or Latin American Poker Tour, is a series of poker tournaments sponsored by PokerStars in Central and South America.

Jack Or Better

Jack Or Better is a variant of poker in which the opening bettor must have a pair of jacks or better. In Jacks Or Better video poker, the minimum winning hand is a pair of jacks.

Knockout Tournament

A knockout tournament is a tournament in which every player has a bounty prize put on them. A bounty is a cash prize for knocking a certain player out of a tournament.

Iron Man Challenge

The Iron Man Challenge is a Full Tilt Poker promotion that allows players to accumulate Iron Man points for medals that can be converted to cash or used to enter freeroll tournaments.


An insta-call is a call made without hesitation. These calls are usually seen with nut hands.


IMO is an acronym commonly used in poker forums that means "in my opinion."

Hole Cam

The hole cam is a camera used on poker tables (on television) that allows viewers to follow the action as it unfolds.

Hit By The Deck

The phrase "Hit By The Deck" refers to a player who is experiencing a great run of cards in a short period of time.

Hit And Run

A "hit and run" is where a player sits at a table and leaves right after winning a big pot. It is looked down upon by the poker community.

High Stakes Poker

High Stakes Poker is a television program on GSN that features the biggest cash game on television. World-class players such as Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, and others have been featured on this television show.

Hero Call

A hero call is a call by a player with a marginal hand based on a read of his opponent.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a promotion on Full Tilt Poker where a player can earn two or three times the amount of Full Tilt Points for playing at certain times.

2-7 Triple Draw

A poker game in which the goal is to make the worst poker hand, the game is called 2-7 since the worst hand is 2,3,4,5,7 of different suits. Players are dealt 5 cards face-down and allowed 3 draws to improve their hands with a betting round after the initial deal and...

Fundamental Theorem of Poker

A basic poker theorem coined by David Sklansky in his book, "The Theory of Poker." It reads: Every time you play a hand differently from the way you would have played it if you could see all your opponents’ cards, they gain; and every time you play...

Full Tilt Academy

The Full Tilt Academy offers poker training to new poker players for free. Players can earn free points for completing challenges and watch videos created by some of the game’s top pros.


FTOPS is a poker tournament series on Full Tilt Poker that happens four times a year.


A freezeout is a tournament that has no rebuys or add-ons. It ends when one player has all the chips.


To "flat" a bet is simply to call a bet.


A card is flashed when they are exposed to other players and/or observers.


Flag is a slang term referring to a casino chip worth five thousand dollars.

Fill Up

To fill up is a poker term referring to two pair or three of a kind hand becoming a full house as additional community cards are dealt.

Disconnect Protection

Disconnect protection is a tool used in online poker to protect a player’s money in the event they are disconnected from a poker room.

Dinner Break

The dinner break is the longest break during a day-long poker tournament.

Coordinated Board

Coordinated boards are synonymous to drawy boards. They are coordinated in rank and/or suit.


Connectors are two cards that follow each other in rank.

Concierge Service

Concierge service is offered to Supernova VIP member on PokerStars. It is a way of converting FPPs into items of the player’s choice.

Cold Call

If a player who has put no money into the pot in the current betting round calls a after seeing a bet and a raise, he is cold calling.

Clear The Rail

A player asking to "clear the rail" is asking for spectators to be removed from the area around the poker table.


Cardrunners is one of many popular poker training sites on the internet. It was the first major poker training site on the internet.


Cardrack is a slang poker term referring to somebody who is on a hot run of cards.


The Borgata is a casino in Atlantic City that opened in 2003. It is known by many as the best casino (and best poker room) in Atlantic City.


Bankroll is the total amount of money that a player is willing to lose on poker.

Ante Up For Africa

Ante Up For Africa is a charity tournament started in 2007 by Annie Duke and Don Cheadle to raise funds and awareness for the crisis in Darfur.


"Option" refers to the option of checking or raising given to the person who is last to act preflop. This option is usually given to the big blind or the player who has placed a live straddle.


A card that can play as a wild card, but only in certain situations.

Bottom Two pair

Having two pair when your hole card match in rank the bottom two community cards on bard

Top Two

Top Two pair, hitting two pair when your hole cards are of the same rank as the two highest community cards

Pre Flop

The round of betting after receiving hole cards before the flop is displayed in community card poker games.

Automatic shuffler

A device installed in many card clubs and casinos that automatically shuffles the cards, thus increasing the number of hands that can be dealt in an hour and ensuring a fair shuffle.

Face card

A jack, queen, or king. Also known as a picture card.

Set over set

A form of cooler where two players both hit sets. It usually results in the player with the lower set losing a large amount of chips.

Seat numbering

At a poker table, the seats are traditionally numbered starting at the dealer’s left and going clockwise around the table. Thus, in a typical 9 seat poker table, the seat to the dealer’s left is 1, the seats on the end of the table to the dealer’s...

Five of a kind

The best hand in poker played with a wild card. It outranks a royal flush.

Let it ride

A banked (against the house) variant of poker played at some casinos.

Carribean stud

A banked (against the house) variant of poker where players are paid off at a fixed schedule based on their hands; Carribean Stud tables typically also offer a jackpot payoff.

3 card poker

A banked (i.e., against the house) poker variant played at many casinos and card clubs, where a player is dealt 3 cards and is paid off at fixed rates depending on the "hand" that is formed by those three cards.

Tournament director

In a poker tournament, the ultimate authority with respect to enforcement of tournament rules and rules of play.

In the money

In a poker tournament, placing above the cut-off for when prizes are paid.

Spread limit

A betting structure where a player may bet any amount between a minimum and maximum limit. Thus, in 2-5 spread limit, a player may bet anywhere from $2-$5 when it is his or her turn to bet. This structure is popular in jurisdictions that have betting cap laws that bar...

No limit

A betting structure in poker where any player is entitled to bet his or her entire chip stack at any time.

Fixed limit

The most common form of betting limit. A fixed limit game sets a specific limit on all bets. Usually, the limit doubles in later rounds. Thus, a 4/8 fixed limit game features a $4 betting limit on early rounds and an $8 bettling limit in later rounds. (In hold...

Pot limit

A form of limit game where a player can bet any amount up to the size of the pot, but not more. Pot limit Omaha is a common game featuring this structure.

Wild card

A wild card is a card in certain variants of poker that can play as any card. Typically a joker, though in theory any card in the deck can play as wild (e.g., deuces wild).


A joker is a card in a standard 54 card deck (52 cards plus 2 jokers) that is used as a wild card in certain card games, including certain poker variants.

Play money

Poker that is played with chips and betting, but with no real money at stake. Online poker rooms usually offer play money tables, and poker is played at parties and in other social situations with play money.

Pot control

A poker strategy that involves ensuring that the pot does not get too large when a player has good, but not great, hands. Pot control is necessary in No Limit because it generally makes sense to bet some percentage of the pot (in order to ensure that players with...


A gratuity given to a dealer, typically after a player is dealt a winning hand.


A player who does not have a sufficient bankroll to play at the level that he or she has chosen to play at.


The opportunity of a player in the blinds to complete the amount of the bet or the raise– as the amount to complete is less than the full amount of the bet or the raise, the player is said to be getting a discount.


A new player who posts his blind so he is not required to wait until the big blind to start playing.

Missed blind

A player who was not present to post his or her blind when it was his or her turn to do so. A player who misses the blind must either sit out until the blind comes around to him or her again or post the missed blinds. This is to prevent players from avoiding having to...

Deal me in

A request made in live poker games that a player be dealt cards for the next hand. This allows a player a slightly longer time to use the bathroom, purchase a soda, or answer a phone call, because he or she does not have to get back to the table when the next hand is...


To quickly throw one’s cards into the muck where they cannot be identified. Usually done by players who want to avoid having to show their hand when another player invokes IWTSTH.