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PokerStars Concierge Service

If you have achieved Supernova status at PokerStars you have most likely at least heard of their Concierge Service. However, there seems to be a lot of questions and almost mystery about what exactly it is and what it can be used for. There is not much information available on the PokerStars website. All they state is that if there's anything special you are looking for, in the range of about $3,000 and up, to let them know and they'll see what they can do to make it happen. However, Concierge can do much more for you other than just find those special items. It's actually very simple to use and can give you a very good exchange rate in terms of dollars/FPP.


First, let's compare the value of concierge to other products and bonuses available through the VIP Store. PokerStars says that 186,000 FPPs is equal to $3000 through Concierge. This comes to 62 FPPs per $1. There are a couple different Supernova cash bonuses available. At 100,000 FPPs you can purchase a $1500 cash bonus. This equates to about 67 FPPs per $1. The $4,000 bonus is closer. It costs 250,000 FPPs, which comes to 62.5 FPPs per $1.

There is a larger difference when comparing FPP/$ with some of the tangible products available in the VIP Store. For instance, the Xbox 360 Elite is available from the VIP Store for 39,000 FPPs. The going price for a new console is $399.00. Therefore the exchange rate is almost 98 FPPs per dollar. In general the rate for electronics is between 80 and 100 FPPs per dollar.


Concierge - 62 FPPs/$1

$1500 Bonus - 67 FPPs/$1 + 10,500 Base FPPs to clear

$4000 Bonus - 62.5 FPPs/$1 +28,000 FPPs to clear

Merchandise from VIP Store - ranges from about 80-100 FPPs/$1

Tournament Tickets - 59-63 FPPs/$1, but no guarantee of money

Although there's only one-half a point difference between Concierge and the cash bonus, the advantage of Concierge is that it does not require any base FPPs to clear. The $4,000 cash bonus requires an additional 28,000 base FPPs to clear, which will take some time. Concierge service takes only the time to gather the receipts and fax or email them in and in a few days you will have a credit in your account.

What's Allowed:

Items that are allowed include electronics, clothing, travel expenses (hotel, plane tickets, etc.) furniture, even a car. Almost anything legal really, with a few exceptions. You may not concierge bills, taxes, stocks, bonds, T$, groceries, gasoline, gold, or Visa gift cards. The receipts must also be fairly recent, within the last month or so. You may use multiple receipts, but the total must be a minimum of $500.

Use Concierge:

Now that we've established the value of Concierge and what can be done with it, the best way to use the service is to buy whatever item you may want yourself, then send in the receipts to and, after review, they will deduct the appropriate number of FPPs from your account. They will then forward the information to the Accounts Department, who will credit your account within a week. That's it... it's simple to use and it's one of the best "rakeback" values available at any poker site, available only at PokerStars!

If you'd like to read more about the Poker Stars Concierge, check out kingnat's personal PokerStars Concierge experiences and join in on the discussion.

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