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It will be interesting to see in the wake of “Black Friday” how many states will ultimately decide to opt-in to intrastate or interstate online poker regulation. One of the more intriguing states for possible regulation of online poker has to be the New Jersey. There are a few obstacles to regulating Online Poker in New Jersey but there are signs for optimism as well. Home to one of the greatest online poker players of all time, Tom Dwan, it seems only fitting for online poker to survive in New Jersey.

New Jersey Poker News
NJ Online Gambling Revenue - 12 Full Months
NJ Online Gambling Revenue - 12 Full Months
Introduction Looking at December 2013 to November 2014, we now have 12 full months of online gambling revenue in New Jersey. Details The chart below shows gross revenue before adjustments. *Excludes $55 from Trump Plaza Poker. At a glance it looks like November was disappointing but a closer look shows that Borgata, Golden Nugget and Tropicana all had ... [continued]
New Jersey Internet Gross Gaming Revenue for 2014
New Jersey Internet Gross Gaming Revenue for 2014
Introduction The New Jersey online gaming revenue for 2014 has been between $9 million and $12 million for each of the first 9 months of the year. Details The chart below shows gross revenue before adjustments. Note that the adjustments are relatively minor. For example, year to date adjustments through September 2014 were just $115,878. *Excludes $55 ... [continued]

There are two interesting factors working both for against online New Jersey Online Poker. For one, in March 2011 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed what appeared to be a great chance to regulate online poker in the United States. The chance to become the first state in the nation to regulate online poker was not enough for Christie as on March 3rd stating he felt much more comfortable with national federal regulation than with state-to-state legislature. While his veto hurt the immediate regulation of online poker in New Jersey it had little affect on its future. Christie even went on to say the state would support state-to-state legislature as long as it is what the United States wants to do. It seems the state and its lawmakers understand just how important online gaming can be as a boost to their economy. Expect to hear more about this in the near future with the recent events of April 15th.

The other issue with New Jersey Online Poker becoming regulated is the presence of major casinos in Atlantic City. Online prognosticators have often felt the casinos were against online gambling seeing it as a threat to their business. It is difficult to say who is correct here. Most online supporters will say they are bringing the game to a wider audience which will in turn lead to more players visiting casinos. It seems since the April 15th shut down the Atlantic City card rooms have seen a small boost in attendance but with out players being able to cut their teeth at smaller stakes online will there be a constant in flux of new live players or is this just a short term boom? Only time will tell, but as Steve Wynn proved not all casino owners are necessarily against online poker. If one of the most influential men in gambling can join forces with PokerStars there is no reason to believe the Atlantic City owners won’t be far behind.

The future of New Jersey Online Poker remains quite unclear. For one there has been some great legislation attempted to be passed over the past year. In fact, New Jersey was the closest to becoming intrastate regulated in the history of the game before falling just short. Since then other states such as Iowa and Nevada have carried the torch but it sounds like New Jersey will be ready to go as soon as the government gives them the word. Still, will this be enough to outweigh the big money Atlantic City casino owners? If these influential men with deep pockets get their way it could be a long time before players are able to play online poker in New Jersey. There are certainly more reasons to be optimistic, which is a great sign heading forward.

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