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David Sklansky No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice

David Sklansky No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice

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Overall Rating: 4.5

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No limit hold'em is exploding in popularity. Before 2000, it could be difficult to find a game. In 2006, it is played everywhere -- in casino cardrooms, in backrooms and homes, and on the Internet.

Now anyone can find a game, but few know how to play well. Most players learn by watching television or by listening to dubious advice from their friends. While they may have picked up a valuable tidbit here or there, most players have two options: wise up or go broke.

The world's foremost poker theorist, David Sklansky, and noted poker authority, Ed Miller, will wise you up quickly. No Limit Hold'em: Theory and Practice is the definitive work on this complex game. It provides you with a window into the heads of experts, teaching you in straightforward and enjoyable terms the how's and why's of winning play.

It covers critical concepts like manipulating the pot size, adjusting correctly to stack sizes, winning the battle of mistakes, reading hands, and manipulating opponents into playing badly. It teaches you about implied odds and how to size your bets and raises effectively. It even covers many principles of short stacked play that will give you a big edge in no limit hold'em tournaments.

Never before have so many people played no limit hold'em, and never before has there been so much opportunity to win big. If you want your share of the spoils, read this book!

For more information on this book visit our Book Club Forum. Here is the original 2007 discussion schedule:

Week 1: 1/8 - 1/14 - Skills for Success, FToP, EV & Pot Size - p. 1-32
Link to Discussion (will be added 1/8)

Week 2: 1/15 - 1/21 - Implied Odds & Bet Sizing - p. 33-57

Week 3: 1/22 - 1/28 - The Hammer & Bluff Sizing - p. 58-74

Week 4: 1/29 - 2/4 - Betting for Info, Betting Later Streets & Position - p. 75-97

Week 5: 2/5 - 2/11 - Pre-flop Raising - p. 98-121

Week 6: 2/12 - 2/18 - A Pre-flop Strategy & Adjusting to Stack Sizes - p. 122-134

Week 7: 2/19 - 2/25 - Blocking Bets, The Call Bluff, Check-Raising & Betting Yourself Off a Hand - p. 135-157

Overall Rating: 4.5

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