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Average user rating   2.5 / 5 based on reviews.

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Different and cool by kiwiMark on 23 Feb 2011
rating 4 / 5
PurePlay is an awesome spin on the idea of a play money
poker site. You're not actually playing with money, so there's
no chance that you can walk away a loser, but they offer cool
rewards so people take the game more seriously than at other
sites. I get really annoyed when people just shove every hand
all in, so this was a big plus for me!

You can also pay $25 a month and get a VIP membership,
which means that you get heaps more chips, tournaments and
a bunch of other cool stuff.

The software definitely isn't the best out there, but there aren't
any problems with it that stop you from playing or are too
annoying, so it's pretty worth it considering you get to play for

no avatar
pureplay/betzip by chargerssd on 15 Jun 2008
rating 2 / 5
support staff hasnt the slightest clue
about gaming...e.g. i asked them when
playing more then 1 tourney at a time
was there anyway to eliminate sudden
screen pop ups.... what was happening i
was ready to fold on 1 game then the
other would pop up and i would fold a
good/winning hand. They had no clue.
another thing i noticed in my 5 months
there was that there servers are very
slow and crash often.... the whole site
will go down for usually less then 24
hours but still a nuisance. i wouldnt
recommend this site to a real gamer but
it seems the all n every hand players
like it there as thats all i remember
from ur $$$ buy a
burrito..... when i did try to earn $$
by referring friends they wouldnt live
up to it and i leave them with this
thought... i can recommend or i can
condemn ... after i left 2 of my friends
left i feel so justice is
done. they are not knowledgable and
certainly i found them rude and slightly

Pure Play Highlights

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  • NUTS: PurePlay is a poker site unlike almost all others on the internet today. Players are not playing with real money, meaning that the games are completely risk free. The site is, however, set up to reward winning players, and in this way combats the common problem play money sites face, whereby users don't take poker seriously and thus ruin the game for all involved. The site is free for all users, and also offers a VIP Membership level with a two week free trial. This VIP Membership entitles players to more points, more play money chips, and a bunch of awesome features ranging from live chat support and ad-free poker to an individualized performance rating.
  • BEATS: While you can play forever as a free user and are also entitled to a free two week trial of the VIP Membership, if you want to continue being a VIP Member you must pay $24.99 per month. The site is not available in all states in the US, so some players may be left out. Neither Mac nor Linux are supported by PurePlay at this time, and there are also no additional language options. The prizes that provide the incentive to play on this site require government approved identification to be claimed.
  • US players accepted in some states


Pure Play Info

Network PurePlay Poker
Number Of Players 2,000 (Tue, 15 Apr 2008, 11:00am EDT)
Resizable Tables No
US Players Partial

Pure Play Review

Pure Play is one of the most innovative play money poker sites to be found on the internet today. If you enjoy playing poker for free but get frustrated that players often don't take the game seriously, then you'll love PurePlay for its system which provides incentives to win and thus encourages players to take the game more seriously. While keeping the ideals of having fun with your friends and enjoying poker, the site also adds a more competitive edge and thereby helps you improve your poker skills, giving it an edge over other free play sites.

There is no downloadable client for Pure Play, and all play takes place instead simply in your browser through their Instant Play system. While this means you have to effectively download the client every time you want to play, the file size is small and this means that any person on any computer and any operating system is able to get in on the action. The flash interface behaves just like other poker rooms, with a lobby where you can sort and choose from your favorite games, and tables where the actual play takes place.

Pure Play can be enjoyed for as long as you want at absolutely no cost, but if you feel like stepping things up a bit you can also purchase a VIP membership, priced at time of writing at $24.99 per month. This entitles you to more rewards, more tournaments, more chips and a bunch of other cool things like custom avatars and individualized performance ratings so you can brag among your friends and work on improving your game. A free two-week trial of VIP membership is offered, so there's absolutely no risk in checking it out.

While it is definitely fair to say that the Pure Play software and interface does not feel as polished as those of larger poker rooms, and that their player base is also not necessarily as large, neither of these things are so bad as to prevent you having a good time. Their innovative rewards system which encourages proper play is without a doubt their strongest selling point, and until other poker sites come up with a similar concept it is definitely worth using the slightly lower quality software Pure Play has to offer. It's great to see a site offering genuinely fun poker without players having to risk their hard-earned money.

Pure Play User Reviews

Overall Rating:  Average user rating   2.5 / 5

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