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PokerStars Skins

PokerStars Skins

Everyone who plays at PokerStars is thoroughly familiar with the standard PokerStars classic theme. If you have been playing there for a little while, you might think it is about time for a change in scenery. Most people don't realize that you can change the skin, or theme, at PokerStars. Changing the table themes at PokerStars is really quite easy. Stars has a few of them already loaded onto the software, and they have many more available for download.

PokerStars Classic

To begin changing the table theme, start in the main lobby and click on "view" at the top of the screen. Then click on "table themes" at the bottom of the menu.

PokerStars Main Lobby

That will bring up a menu of Table Themes that looks like this.

PokerStars Themes

The standard theme is the PokerStars Classic Theme. You can tell which theme is your current one by the checkmark on it. As you search through the available themes, you can click on each one for a preview of what it will look like. Not all of the themes are currently installed. The ones that are installed have the PokerStars logo next to them, like the first three themes in the previous picture. To change your theme to one of the standard skins that are already installed, just choose the theme you would like and click "Apply" to activate that theme.

Now let's say you want to install the PokerStars Slick Theme, which is not pre-installed in the software. All you need to do is select that theme and  click "Install" on the right side of the menu.

PokerStars Skins

Upon clicking "Install", your computer will download the theme and install it into your software. Then, to activate the theme, just click "Apply".

PokerStars Skins

You might also notice that you can change both the background and the deck. When you click "Background" you will be given the option to insert your own picture, thus creating a custom background. All you do is click "Background" and check "Enable custom background".

PokerStars Skins

Then click "Browse" and choose a picture you like from your hard drive. You can then choose to stretch the image, crop it, or tile it to fit on the background of the table screen.

Finally, when you click the "Deck" button, another menu pops up with three standard card decks to choose from. Each is a little different so just choose the one that fits your taste and click "Ok".

PokerStars Deck

You'll see that in the end, simply changing your PokerStars table theme can make it like you are playing on a completely different, customized site.

PokerStars Deck

It can be refreshing to get a new view every once in a while and PokerStars definitely makes it easy to do. So take a few minutes to check out your options - it may just help you focus. If you are better able to focus, that will only help to improve your game.

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