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PokerStars Reload Bonus

PokerStars Reload Bonus

Every few months PokerStars comes forward with an additional bonus offer for their current players. These PokerStars Reload Bonuses are nice for those looking to earn some extra cash and pad their bankrolls. The bonuses are straightforward and easy to clear, making them a nice perk of being a PokerStars member.

Most PokerStars Reload Bonuses are nowhere near as big as their initial deposit bonus, which is currently 100% up to $600. The same can be said for other major sites, if you’re looking for a huge bonus, chances are reload bonuses are not going to deliver. However, if you enjoy playing at PokerStars and want to earn an extra $100-$300 every few months, then the PokerStars Reload Bonuses appear to be a perfect fit.

The reload bonuses typically coincide with a major event on PokerStars. For example, during this year’s World Championship of Online Poker, or WCOOP, PokerStars offered a 50% up to $300 reload bonus to all of their players. The great thing about this particular reload bonus was players did not have to deposit all $600 at once. Players could simply deposit three times with in 90 days to receive the entire $300 bonus. Also, players were able to withdrawal after depositing and still remain eligible to clear their current bonus amount.

The requirements for clearing the bonus were simple. Players had to clear 25 VIP Player Points (VPPs) per bonus dollar to release the bonus. VPPs can be earned by paying rake in real money cash games or fees in Multi-table Tournaments and/or SNGs. Those depositing $600 had to clear 7500 VPPs ($300 bonus) in 6 months. Even micro-stakes players had enough time to clear what amounted to a substantial boost to their bankrolls.

Other PokerStars Reload Bonuses included a 20% up to $120 “Battle of the Planets” promotion. To clear the full bonus, players had to earn 20 VPPs per bonus dollar with in three months of their deposit. Unlike the WCOOP promotion, players could only use one deposit to qualify for the bonus. There was also one more reload bonus in 2009, a 25% up to $250 bonus offered in February which came during the 25 Billionth Hand Promotion. The requirements were the same for the two bonuses, 20 VPPs per bonus dollar and only a single deposit.

Those looking for a bigger immediate bonus will have to check out other poker sites. One of the best initial deposit bonuses found online comes from Full Tilt Poker. Their 100% up to $600 sign up bonus is a great way to build your bankroll in a hurry. If you have been playing at PokerStars for a while, now might be time to check out another site. FullTilt is the world's second biggest site and has plenty of action at all limits. They also have the backing of some of the world's best players including Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, Howard Lederer, and Tom "Durrrr" Dwan. Make sure to use the Full Tilt Poker referral code FLOPTURNRIVER when registering to guarantee the biggest possible bonus and entry into our monthly private tournaments including the FTR500. Check out our Full Tilt Poker bonus page for more details!

PokerStars Reload Bonuses are a great way to put a little extra money in your roll. While they will never rival initial deposit bonuses, the reload bonuses are a nice reward for staying loyal to PokerStars through out the year. On average, players taking advantage of every single reload bonus will actually earn more than a single $600 initial deposit bonus each year. For more information on PokerStars Reload Bonuses, visit our poker forums or

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