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1-1 Deep OOP AK flush board trips

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    Default 1-1 Deep OOP AK flush board trips

    was discussing in irc with yaawn, he said to post it here:

    [12:14] eug: utg AK with 250bb, live straddle is on, i raise to 10bb, 3 callers
    [12:15] eug: flop comes Kd 7d 5d, i hold no D
    [12:16] eug: bb checks to me, i bet like 3/4 pot, only BU calls.
    [12:17] eug: BU has me covered, he's a younger guy, fairly passive, pretty loose pf
    [12:17] eug: Turn Kc. hero?
    [12:18] yaawn-: shouldn't we just bet/f large again
    [12:18] yaawn-: and expect all AXd to peel
    [12:19] eug: so far as planned, hero bets like 60 into a pot of 100, he flats again
    [12:19] eug: so the pot is 220, i have like 150 behind
    [12:19] eug: river is a brick
    [12:20] eug: actually it may have been completing a small straight, but this villain wasn't callign 2 big bets on a flushy board with a SD imo
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    I would shove unless I could read him. Then I might check and re-evaluate.

    If he was calling down light, then he's not going to bet the river.
    If he was drawing checking puts you in a spot where you need be good at guessing if he's bluffing or stringing you along.
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