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Ladbrokes Poker is one of the most well-known gambling brand names in the world and is one of Europe’s largest online card rooms. Ladbrokes is now part of the ever growing and extremely large Microgaming Poker Network. That means their player base has just expanded and average prize pools are on the increase! However, if players don’t want to be up against everyone on the Microgaming world they can opt to play against only Ladbrokes players in No-limit Hold’em cash games up to the $2/$4 stakes.

SNGs and tournaments are receiving more action from $.50 and up. There are many scheduled guarantees receiving a lot of action, unfortunately, most of them are quite small with buy-ins below $10. For SNG grinders there are plenty different formats, games, and stakes offered. Some of the more popular games are their small-stakes turbos as well as their “double up” SNGs which are more commonly known as Double-or-Nothing SNGs.

Ladbrokes offers a wide variety of games for the poker enthusiast. They have Texas Hold’em, 5 Card Draw, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, and Razz. Poker isn’t the only thing offered on Ladbrokes though. Ladbrokes also has an online casino, sports betting, bingo, online games, and financial market betting. With everything else on offer the poker tables are sure to attract some novices.

Ladbrokes utilizes the acclaimed Microgaming software for their traditional 2D poker room that we previously noted as being very user friendly. Ladbrokes also offers a 3D poker client where players have the option of playing the same games but with a little added flavor. Recently Ladbrokes added the ability to resize their tables, which is a great bonus for those who enjoy multi-tabling.

As expected of such a huge brand name, Ladbrokes accepts deposits via a number of ways, including all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Delta, MasterCard, Solo) as well as via Western Union, BankTransfer, PayPal and UKash. Just remember Americans are not allowed to play on Ladbrokes and will be unable to register an account there.

As of October 1, 2014, players from Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Hungary are also no longer permitted to play at Ladbrokes. Players from these countries will have one month from October 1, 2014, to withdraw funds from their Ladbrokes accounts.

Software Interface/Usability

Surprisingly, the new 3D poker software at Ladbrokes Poker runs very well, given the fact that the file took us around 25 minutes (Wow!) to download via a standard DSL connection. Even the standard download takes a few extra minutes compared to similar sites. By using the 3D software you can now create your own character to play as and tailor his/her looks to either match yourself or your ideal online alter ego. This allows players to be a bit more creative and going for an alternative look adds to the fun of the game. Players can choose to display real human-like emotions on the table. For example, if you are on tilt from a bad beat you can express your dissatisfaction by taunting opponents with fish-like movements!

Players can also now chat together for real using the VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) function which adds to the 3D experience. This is a great option for all those who enjoy a bit of “speech play”. This could even pave the way for the next online Tony G, or Scotty Nguyen where you can make speeches such as “I’m all in baby!”

Another useful addition is the live poker stats that they offer, where draw percentages, pot odds and best hand indicators can be displayed. The lobby is easy to navigate as there are tabs for each game and specific stakes. Some of the newer features include an auto-rebuy feature, a new and improved bet slider, and deep stacked cash game tables with antes. Finally, Ladbrokes has improved their player for multi-tablers by giving grinders the ability to resize their tables.

All of these upgrade pale in comparison the Micrograming’s newest software which is currently exclusive to Ladbrokes Poker. 1-Click Poker makes playing online poker much easier and should bring a lot of new players to the game. Accessible from their sportsbook, 1-click software allows a player to go straight to a table after just three simple choices: real/play money, ring game or SNG, and buy-in amount. This is a great new tool and should bring a lot of loose gamblers to your tables! In addition to 1-Click Poker, Ladbrokes has developed software that is Mac compatible. Macintosh users can experience all the features their PC brethren had access to for years!

Poker Room Action

Ladbrokes Poker is part of the ever-growing Microgaming network, which drastically increased their previous player base when they were on their own network. Ladbrokes players can opt to play against their own pool of players rather the entire network by playing in $2/$4 and under NLHE USD cash games. Otherwise, players are up against all network players. The traffic is understandably less than the big poker rooms like Full Tilt or PokerStars. During peak periods there are normally 1,500 real money players for the cash games, and 5,000 players for the tournaments.

Having played with Ladbrokes for some years, it would be fair to say that players often have to wait for single table tournaments to fill up, but this may be a different story now that they’ve joined with Microgaming. Ring games seem to stay quite full, especially at the low and mid stakes and more so at 6-max games than full-ring (10-handed). Although, there are usually at least a few full-ring tables running at most buy-in levels. Much like other European sites currently not accepting US players, the games at the small-stakes levels are quite soft and devoid of multi-tabling nits.

Ease of Game, Ease of Making Money, Fish Rating

Having played with Ladbrokes Poker for around 4 years, our experience has indeed been a profitable one. We have had some great cash game results along with several MTT wins, including a trip to the Ladbrokes Caribbean Poker Cruise 2008. We’ve certainly noticed a big difference in the style of play between Ladbrokes’ players and those on Full Tilt and PokerStars. We attribute this to the lack of traffic on the former and the more attractive multi-table tournaments of the latter two.

Ladbrokes’s player base has a very heavy northern European influence and with that they have some of the loosest tables in online poker. In a 6-handed NL $1/2 cash game, the flop percentages are often between 45-60%, with average pots being $40 plus. Whereas for the same game on PokerStars, you will generally see much tighter games where flop percentages are typically between 10-30%, and pots are also around $10-30. If you are a competent poker player then loose tables can generally be viewed as a good thing, since you’re more likely to get paid off if you play your cards right. Obviously, with the nature of these tables you must be prepared to encounter the volatility that they may bring, but overall the competition is softer in Ladbrokes’s player fields and so that is where there’s money to be made.

Over time, the players at Ladbrokes, and every other online poker site, have gotten more aggressive. Even in low stake cash games players are 3-betting and 4-betting preflop. In short, it’s harder than ever to find a fishy table at Ladbrokes.

Finally, the new 1Click software will help bring even worse players to your table as it is accessible from the Ladbrokes sportsbook which we all know contains a bunch of gamblers.

Promotion Code & Bonus

Ladbrokes Poker offers its members a unique bonus. Recreational players and veteran grinders both get a 200% Bonus up to £1,200/€1,500/$2,000! In order to ensure that you receive this bonus, make sure to signup with the links on this page and enter the Ladbrokes Poker promotion code FTRBONUS when creating your account. You must deposit at least $15 (£10).

The bonus is released in $5/£5 increments, so if you’re going for the full $2,000, your bonus will be released in 400 parts. You have 90 days to clear the bonus.

The clearing requirement is 34 Status Points for each $1 of bonus. You earn Status Points by playing in real money cash games or tournaments. You earn 10 points for every dollar you pay in rake or tournament fees. In other words, you will get $1 back for every $3.40 in rake. That’s almost 30% in equivalent rakeback!

Grind hard to earn the top bonus because this opportunity only comes along once! Plus, earn even more when you place well in one of Ladbrokes’s leaderboards or cash races. That’s a lot of cash to get within your first month!

Overall, Ladbrokes has gone from being a rather dated poker room to one of the leading rooms in terms of offering players a 3-Dimensional poker experience. Poker players can now capitalize on making speech plays or can even give off false tells by scratching their noses! The 3D option is a very welcome one and it appears that this is where online poker will be heading in the future.

In addition to a handsome bonus and software enhancements, Ladbrokes also features an exclusive Poker Club. Everyone starts out at the Knight level and can advance to Baron, Viscount, and all the other levels until you reach Emperor. The rewards get better as you move up the VIP ladder, so the best idea is just to grind. You just need 500 points to get to Baron Status. You can spend your points on cash, bonuses, and tournament tokens in their Poker Shop.

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Customer and Technical Support

The support at Ladbrokes Poker is available 24/7 via email, live online help, and by telephone. They have specialized departments for all aspects of Customer Care and can also handle queries in all languages (although they may require added time for translation). In our dealings with Ladbrokes, they appeared to be very helpful and efficient and the best thing is that no matter what time you call them there is always someone available to help.

For general enquiries:
Account related enquiries:
Rules and Payouts:
Competition and Promotions:
Card change:

Tel (UK): 0800 0321133
Tel (outside UK): 00 350 43003

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iPoker Poker Network

Ladbrokes is part of the iPoker network which also shares traffic with the following brands:

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Highlights & Info

  • Website

  • Bonus
    200% up to $2,000

  • Network

  • Games Offered
    Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, Razz

  • No Limit Stakes
    €0.01 - €0.02 up to £5 - £10

  • Limit Stakes
    €0.02 - €0.04 up to €20/€40

  • Tournament Stakes
    €0.08 + €0.02 up to €4950 + €50

  • VIP Program
    VIP Club

  • Windows Compatible
    Windows XP+

  • iOS Compatible
    iPad, iPhone iOS 4.0+

  • No US Players
    No real money play.

Nuts & Beats

  • Ladbrokes, part of the iPoker Network, is a reputable poker room, which offers a solid variety of tournaments and cash games.

  • Using the Ladbrokes Promo Code FTRBONUS will unlock a 200% Bonus up to £1,200/€1,500/$2,000; it's the biggest bonus that Ladbrokes offers!

  • Besides poker, Ladbrokes offers an online casino, sportsbook, and bingo hall!

  • With the Ladbrokes mobile poker app, you can play all your favorite cash games and tournaments on your Android or iOS mobile device, including multi-tabling capability!

  • During non-peak hours, the traffic at Ladbrokes drops off especially for SNGs.

  • Although Windows, iOS, and Android users are able to play at Ladbrokes Poker, there's no software download available for Macs.

  • Players at lower stakes may find it difficult to earn the full bonus.


  • Currencies
    £ € $

  • Min. Deposit

  • Min. Withdrawal

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