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Borgata Poker Bonus Details
  • $20 Free + $600 on Deposit
  • Easy to clear bonus with very few terms
  • Play from any platform or device
  • Easy deposits and fast cashouts
Bonus: 100% up to $600
Bonus Code: BONUS600
Bonus Cashback: 50%
Bonus Expiration: 45 Days

Bonus Terms: Players new to Borgata Poker can receive up to $620 total. $20 will be given upon creating an account - no deposit required. This is given as $10 in cash, and a $10 bonus which requires 40 iRPs to clear. The other $600 is a match bonus. Deposit $600 or more and receive a $600 bonus. The bonus will be released in 10% increments and clears at the rate of 4 iRPs per $1 bonus. So the full $600 requires 2,400 iRPs.

Fine Print: Use the Borgata bonus code BONUS600 when creating your account to activate the bonus. Bonus must be cleared within 45 days.

2 Bonus Details
Bonus Offer: 100% up to $400
Bonus Code: Automatic
Bonus Cashback: 20%
Bonus Expiration: 60 Days
Bonus Terms: WSOP will give you a bonus equal to 100% of your first deposit, doubling your balance. The maximum bonus is $400 if you deposit $400 or more. The bonus is converted to real money at a rate of $10 every time you earn 100 Action Player Points (APPs). This means that you'll need to earn 40,000 APPs to clear the entire $400 bonus.

Fine Print: The minimum deposit to qualify for this offer is $10. This welcome bonus expires after a period of 60 days, after which uncleared bonus portions will be forfeit.

Online Poker Bonus Guide: Clearing Requirements Explained

In the online poker world, you have to get every edge that you can get if you want to maximize your chances of being a winning player. Poker bonuses are an excellent way to go about doing that. These deals are essentially free money that you’ll receive for playing games that you would have been playing anyway. There’s not really any good reason for not taking advantage of bonuses. Our goal here is to provide you with every single thing you need to know to get the most of these special deals.

What Poker Bonuses Are and How They Work

When you make a deposit for a poker bonus, you’ll receive a matching amount based on a percentage of your deposit. For example, a 75 percent bonus on a deposit of $40 would be worth an extra $30 for your account. To help prevent abuse of these deals by people who aren’t actually looking to play at the tables, there are certain terms and conditions that have to be met before the bonus is released to your account and you are able to cash out. Here we’ll show you everything you should know to understand the fine print of these deals.

Play-Through Requirements

The main part of the terms and conditions that you need to know are the play-through requirements. This essentially determines how much you have to play to release the bonus to your account. There are several ways that poker rooms can decide on how these play-through requirements work, but they will almost always be based on your contribution to the rake in the pots you’re involved in.

Important Point: Sometimes the play-through requirements can be a little irritating if you want to have the bonus released to your account immediately. However, the bonuses themselves would not be as good if poker rooms allowed this because people could abuse the promotion and not play any poker at all.

Along these lines, you’ll typically clear bonuses faster as you play higher stakes, but it’s very important to note that play at all real money stakes can be used to clear bonus requirements.

Other Terms and Conditions

There are typically other terms and conditions that help to protect the integrity of the offers. Generally speaking, you’ll usually have to clear the bonus requirements before you’re allowed to cash out, and there may be time restrictions on how long you have to clear the play-through requirements. Also, the bonus may release in increments, or it may only release all at once when you are finished with the play-through requirements.

Adding Value to Your Bankroll

There are incentives on both sides of the equation when it comes to these types of offers. For the poker room, the incentive is to bring in more players and help to grow their player pool. For players, the incentive is to add depth to your bankroll. Along these lines, poker bonuses are a win-win proposition for both parties involved.

When you add to your bankroll with these deals, it does a few important things for you. First off, it helps to make sure that you’re less likely to be wiped out from a set of bad beats or other types of bad luck that can cause big swings in your earnings. Second, it makes it easier for you to feel comfortable in moving up to the next level to try to face tougher competition, improve as a player and win even more money. In short, they will help you to maximize your chances of winning and boost your opportunities to come out on top no matter what forms of poker you enjoy.

Evaluating Specific Bonus Options

In what follows, we’re going to break down some of the most important bonus offers that poker players can take part in. We want to show you how these bonuses work and what you’ll need to do to claim them and have them released to your cash bankroll. We’re going to give you examples of both good bonuses and bad bonuses and show you how you can evaluate them yourself. Along these lines, the basic process to follow when evaluating a bonus is as follows:

  1. Identify the match percentage and the maximum value for the bonus.
  2. Determine how the play-through for the bonus is determined.
  3. Figure out how much rake you’ll need to generate to clear the offer.
  4. Find the percentage discount on rake that this bonus gives you.

We are going to go through these steps with you for a couple of popular bonuses and show you how you can evaluate the other deals we have here at

Evaluating the Carbon Poker Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus at Carbon Poker is 200 percent worth up to a maximum of $5,000. The play-through requirements for this deal are based on their player points which you earn from the rake you contribute in real money games. Each time you accumulate 1,500 player points, $10 of your bonus is released to your real money account.

Player points are determined by your contribution to the rake in real money pots. For every $0.10 that you pay in rake, you’ll earn one player point. Along these lines, every $150 you contribute to the rake will earn you 1,500 player points and $10 released from your bonus. This means you’re getting back about 6.7 percent of your contribution to the rake with this deal.

Key Points of Analysis

  • Match Percentage: 200%
  • Maximum Bonus: $5,000
  • How is Play-Through Determined: $10 for every 1,500 points
  • How Much Rake Needed to Clear 1,500 Points: $150
  • Percentage of the Rake Given Back: 6.7%

Here’s an example of how this could break down. Suppose you deposit $150 and get a 200 percent match worth $300 for your welcome bonus. Your $300 bonus would require that you earn 45,000 player points, and you would achieve this after contributing $4,500 total to the rake in the games you play. Note that $300/$4,500 is a rate of 6.7 percent.

Verdict: While this isn’t one of the best bonus offers available for online poker players, Carbon Poker does accept US players, and it’s one of the only reliable options for players from the United States.

Evaluating the bet365 Poker Welcome Bonus

When you play with bet365 Poker, you’re going to get a 200 percent match on your initial deposit, and this is worth up to €1,000 total. Again, you’re looking at a deal that’s based on earning merit points, and you’ll need 1,000 of them for every €10 worth of bonus money that’s released to your account.

With bet365 Poker, you’ll earn merit points based on how much you pay in rake. In both cash games and tournaments, you’ll be given 15 merit points for every $1 or €1 that you pay towards the rake. Using this information, you can determine how much you would pay in rake to clear a bonus for a specific deposit size. It would take €66.67 in rake to generate 1,000 merit points, and that would earn you €10 worth of your bonus. This means that this deal will give you back about 15 percent of your contributed rake while you’re clearing it.

Key Points of Analysis

  • Match Percentage: 200%
  • Maximum Bonus: €1,000
  • How is Play-Through Determined: €10 for every 1,000 points
  • How Much Rake Needed to Clear 1,000 Points: €66.67
  • Percentage of the Rake Given Back: 15%

For example, suppose we deposit $100 to get a 200 percent bonus worth $200 at this room. We would need to generate 20,000 merit points to clear the entire bonus. This means that you would need to generate a total of $1,333.33 in rake to have the whole $200 bonus released to your cash account. Here we see that $200/$1,333.33 gives a 15 percent rate of getting back your rake contributions.

Verdict: A rate of 15 percent is not bad at all. When you combine that to the fact that you can use your merit points for other sources of value as well, it’s a fairly good deal overall.

Putting it All Together

It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking to get in some hands for fun from time to time or if you’re looking to become the next Phil Ivey. Poker bonuses are absolutely critical to being able to increase your chances of success because they’re just like picking up free money for playing games that you would have been playing anyway. There are plenty of them to collect, so feel free to check out the bonus offers we have available here on to find even more ways to boost your bankroll.

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