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2 Tabling $10 NL 6 Max & Full Ring by Bigspenda

Description In this video I play 2 tables, one of 9 handed NL and the other of 6 handed. I do my best to illustrate the difference in playing styles. I get into some interesting spots with 9+ out draws and I use an equity calculator to backup my decisions. I book a nice win and overall play very solid TAGG-style poker. Click here to discuss this video further in the FTR Poker Forum.

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Category Cash Game
Tags: Texas Hold'em, Cash Game, 6 Max, Full Ring
Added by bigspenda73
Poker Room PokerStars
Length 42:16
Date Added 06 Oct 2007

2 Tabling $10 NL 6 Max & Full Ring by Bigspenda Comments & User Reviews

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 “micro sks-big spenda $10” by jbs428, 31 Dec 2009

Great commentary. This is what makes good poker videos - lets hear your thinking as the hand unfolds. BIGSPDR does it very well.

 “Very helpfull” by EinerFest, 14 Nov 2009

Thanks! Many thanks, great video and good readings bro

 “clear and concise” by TigerSpider, 24 Oct 2009

As he explains late in the video, he is a golf instructor that understands how to teach. That makes this series very informative in a meaningful way; with clear and concise insight into the thought processes that go into playing a hand. Many poker training vids show the same concepts but are made less useful by an inability to elucidate them with clarity.

 “Excellent video” by DoanDiggy, 08 Oct 2008

The video was very instructive, and the "teacher" had a good mix of advice, predictions, comments on others' play, and more. Definitely worth a watch.

 “Extremely helpful” by Andrew, 30 Dec 2007

Have to say that this was a great video for me for a number of reasons. I'm still extremely shaky with the mathematics of poker so having you go over Equity was extremely helpful. You've also shown me that I need to constantly think about the *why* of my moves - The folding straight/flush draws with a Jx early in the video was especially an eye opener. Thanks for the comments about 6-max, it looks like a game I may be interested. A.

 “Another great video” by allabout, 12 Dec 2007

This was another great video in this series. It was really helpful to see full ring and 6 max played at the same time to see the difference in hand selection and post flop play. Also there were some really interesting hands played which helped make for a very informative video. Thanks!

 “big help for my play” by robrick39, 02 Nov 2007

I am a weak tight player so this was very helpful for me. I have been playing micro limits way too long so need to start copying your play. You made a lot of interesting points. Sorry to hear you will be going to another site to do more videos, these micro tips that you have done are very informative.

 “Great as always” by Kmind, 07 Oct 2007

Spenda shows his +ev style in the lower stakes very well in the video. He goes over plenty of aspects during each hand and demonstrates thoughts and tools that most microstakes players don't think to use such as PokerStove to back up decisions. Definitely check this one out as it goes over full ring and 6-max. Thanks, spenda!

 “+EV!” by grnydrowave2, 06 Oct 2007

I have to admit, when the J8s hand came up I was thinking to myself "WTF is he doing?" That would typically be an insta-fold for me. For some reason, I'm only thinking about EV and odds in smaller pots. When you brought up Poker Stove and showed me the equity, then recounted the pot odds, I realized that I could be passing up huge edges. That really opened my eyes. Excellent video overall. My only critique would be that you sometimes begin to make an interesting point, but then get distracted by a hand. At the conclusion of such hands you should try to regain your train of thought.


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