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Limit Holdem, 6 Max by Pokerfanatic Mid Stakes $3/$6

Description In the video, you will hear me talking about hands as I go through them. I am just trying to play winning poker in this video while talking about basic concepts of Limit Holdem. At the end of the video, I briefly discuss a topic that I feel is a major mistake in Limit Short Handed poker. To find out exactly what that is, you will have to watch the video. Click here to discuss this video further in the FTR Poker Forum.

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Category Cash Game
Tags: Texas Hold'em, Cash Game, 6 Max
Added by pokerfanatic
Poker Room Party Poker
Length 17:28
Date Added 03 Aug 2006

Limit Holdem, 6 Max by Pokerfanatic Mid Stakes $3/$6 Comments & User Reviews

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 “Lucky hands” by poker_g, 10 Aug 2007

You did seem to get a lot of good hands during that. But the important thing was seeing how you play, especially post flop and knowing what you are thinking.

 “Cool!” by 3/6 vid 1 by pokerfanatic, 09 Aug 2007

Good Work. Nice to see someone running so good.

 “Video Review” by overflow, 21 Jul 2007

Review of the $3/$6 Limit video by PokerFanatic. Just wondering how the video author though that villian had a straight draw with J8o on a board of 85KT.

 “Too busy” by neveReveN, 22 Apr 2007

Too busy. It's like watching someone spin plates on poles while trying to teach a class on spinning plates on poles. Maybe it's better to teach us how to spin ONE plate, or maybe just two first?

 “Thx” by mo, 29 Sep 2006

Love the video. Thank you for taking the time to make it!

 “Link 4 Discussion” by PokerFanatic, 20 Sep 2006

Link 4 Discussion: m/poker-35330.htm

 “My Video” by PokerFanatic, 20 Sep 2006

There are several places in this video where i actually made several marginal plays. I however over all did play good poker, but running hot helps a lot as well :), if you have any specific questions about a hand i played or you would like more info on something feel free to drop me a PM on the boards, and I'll go back and look and see if I can remember what I was thinking at the time...

 “Good Video” by thenonsequitur, 09 Aug 2006

Way to demonstrate how to play perfect poker. Great video!

 “Great video” by Ravageur, 09 Aug 2006

Though I'm not a limit player, this was a good example of a player thinking through each hand and attacking difficult hands with a plan and not just 'going' with it. He also demonstrates how to run well. Many of us are still working on that part. Nice job!

 “A great example” by a500lbgorilla, 09 Aug 2006

Great video by pokerfan. He takes the opporunity to explain every one of the hands he gets into. Very thoughtful analysis with great audio and visual on the video itself. It's limit so the small screen doesn't matter.

 “6-Max Ring at $3/$6 Poker Video Review” by Eric, 09 Aug 2006

The 3 tables are fairly small so it is hard to read the bets and stack sizes.


Limit Holdem, 6 Max by Pokerfanatic Mid Stakes $3/$6 Facebook Comments

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