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  • Tilt and Why
  • Posted by Rondavu on Mar 10, 2017
  • Rondavu re-evaluates the psychology of tilt and why it occurs. Another Look at Tilt I’m going to explain tilt the way I understand it. I hope it rings true for a lot of you, as it does for me. We are flawed as humans. One of our major flaws is…
  • Cues of the Shoes
  • Posted by PokerJanitor on Mar 10, 2017
  • At the poker table, we watch for the flare of a nostril, the wink of an eyebrow, or the twitch hiding at the corner of an opponent's mouth. But the face, thanks in large part to our respective upbringings, is the least honest portion of our anatomy. We've been taught since infancy to mask our true emotions before they flicker across our countenance. So where, then, can we hope to glean the most truth from an enemy? The answer may surprise you.
  • Mindset, Technique and Money Management
  • Posted by Carl Sampson on Mar 9, 2017
  • I am going to reveal something that I think is of immense use to any poker player. While it is critical to know how to play the game well, this is only a tiny part of being a successful poker player. Playing poker has so many similarities to financial trading…
  • Rules for Table Selection
  • Posted by Fnord on Mar 9, 2017
  • There are many things you can do to increase your poker skill and you should do them. However, it is unlikely that you will do anything between now and your next poker session that will dramatically increase your skill. Reading the right books, studying some articles, reviewing your play will…
  • Nine Noobie Myths About Microstakes NLHE
  • Posted by Robb on Mar 8, 2017
  • I feel like tons of the noobies in the BC have serious misconceptions about microstakes poker. Here are a few I’ve seen lately. 1. The micros are just too fishy to be beat for any decent win rate. 2. The micros are too hard to be beat since UIGEA. 3.…
  • The Truth About the Dangers of Playing Under Rolled
  • Posted by gingerwizard on Mar 8, 2017
  • This article aims to express just why, in a theoretical sense, you can’t play poker under rolled. It’s for people at all levels of the game who don’t know/havn’t read this stuff, and I really hope to be explicit. There are also points that even some of the more experienced…
  • Beginner’s List of Poker Leaks
  • Posted by chardrian on Mar 8, 2017
  • Poker is a complex, difficult game, so it's only natural for beginners to make a lot of errors. The problem is in identifying these errors -- if you knew what they were, you wouldn't be making them! Take a look at these common leaks to see if any of them are present in your game.
  • Poker Bad Beats And You
  • Posted by a500lbgorilla on Mar 8, 2017
  • You have a pretty looking hand and your opponent has a funny, lopsided looking hand and you’re happy to see that all the money goes in the pot. The end. Everything after that is just an illusion taking your focus away from a truth in poker. You’ve made the right…
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