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  • Mindfulness and the Manifestation of Mental Weakness in Poker
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Sep 27, 2013
  • Entering poker games alert and with the right attitude can improve your game-play and bring you success. Learn how to reduce distractions and employ the proper level of mindfulness. Eventually, your good habits will spill over into other areas of your life.
  • Optimizing Your Sessions With Simple Routines
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Aug 31, 2013
  • Establishing a set of routines to perform before you begin playing poker will produce long-term, positive results. By properly training your body, you'll be able to condition your involuntary responses to make you calm, focused and ready to play whenever you want to.
  • A Jedi Mind Trick for Improving at Poker
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Aug 17, 2013
  • You don't just have an innate, unchangeable level of skill at poker. By adopting the right mindset and exercising your willpower regularly, you'll be able to make substantial improvements -- improvements that may well put you ahead of someone with a higher level of natural talent.
  • The Principles of Performance for Poker
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Aug 7, 2013
  • You can make it much easier to improve your poker game by following a few easy guidelines. Your problems as a poker poker are but a reflection of your problems in life and vice versa. With the proper level of self-awareness, you can set about successfully improving your play.
  • Making Our Strategies More Robust and Avoiding Auto-Pilot
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Jul 10, 2013
  • You shouldn't play the same way against all opponents. By considering how strong or weak you want your ranges to be in certain poker situations, you can get the best of your adversaries. Learn how to modify your default ranges for increased profits.
  • The Incorporation of Second-Level Thinking
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Jun 27, 2013
  • In today's tough poker games, you can't just think about what cards your opponents have. You have to also consider what they think you have. By doing so, you can strengthen some of your ranges and weaken others depending on what kind of action you expect to face.
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