Iowa Gaming Bill with Governor
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After passing through the Iowa House of Representatives by a vote of 72-21, a bill which would allow legal intrastate poker is on the desk of Governor Terry Branstad. Known as SF458, this particular piece of legislation is the latest in a long line of such state-specific attempts.

iGaming, a major hub of internet gambling activity, recently conducted an interview with Matt Eide, a Managing Partner at Eide & Heisinger, LLC, in Des Moines, Iowa. His thoughts, by and in large, were on the positive end of the spectrum.

“This is an historic bill,” said the attorney. “There is potential for this legislation to have an impact, nationally.”

If passed, SF458 would likely become a template for intra-state gaming across America.

There are a few worries to consider if the bill is signed into law. Because of the smaller playing populace in Iowa, the possible payouts would likely be much less than what gamers remember from the Full Tilt/PokerStars era. Would it be enough to keep the public’s interest? Only time will tell.

The bottom line, however, is that legal internet poker in Iowa would be a step forward for the nation’s government. It could turn out to be a valuable proving ground for potential interstate legislation.

Months ago, a similar bill reached the desk of the Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey. While that attempt was eventually shot down, sources familiar with this new instance believe that Branstad is likely to grace SF458 with his signature.

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