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Slow roll

Slow roll

To slow roll a player is to purposely take a long time to call a bet while holding the nuts (or relative nuts). When a person slow rolls, his opponent is usually all-in and there is no one else left to act.

In a live situation, this can also refer to when a player takes a long time to turn over the winning hand at showdown. I.e. Hero calls a bet on the end with AA on a AAJ92 board, and after his opponent turns over JJ, hero hems and haws, checks his cards, pretends to start mucking his cards, and then turns over his quad aces.

Example: After his opponent pushes all-in, hero calls time and pretends to think painfully before calling with his royal flush.

Created by courtiebee on 17 Jul, 2009
Last updated by eugmac on 12 Aug, 2011
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