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Pot Odds

Pot Odds

The pot odds are the odds the pot is offering you. If you are on the turn and villain bets 50 into a pot of 450, then you have to call a bet of 50 to win 500. So your pot odds are 50:500 or 1:10.

When someone says they "had pot odds to call", they mean that the pot odds were favorable compared to the chance their hand would improve. For instance, using the same 1:10 pot odds, if you had a flush draw then you would typically have 9: 46 or 1:5.1 odds. Since these are better than the odds the pot is offering, you have pot odds to call.

Example: Player A: "Why did you call my turn bet?" Player B: "You were offering very nice pot odds to call, and I figured I had at least 6 outs to make my hand."

Created by JKDS on 23 Jul, 2009

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