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Ninja Bet

Ninja Bet

One of the best plays to have in your arsenal. Similar to a donk bet but this is only to be used for value against quasi-decent players and can only be executed out of position. The ninja bet CANNOT be overused or it loses it's desired effect.

When you flop a strong hand out of position in a raised pot, instead of checking to the preflop raiser, you wager about 2-3 big blinds into him. This will send him into such a confused frenzy he will instinctively raise for more of his chips unnecessarily and be eating right out of the palm of your ninja hand.

Example: Hero calls 77 out of the big blind to a cutoff raise. Flop comes 2-7-J. Hero bets 2 big blinds into the preflop raiser. Villain, not wanting to be outplayed thinking this is a feeler bet with a weak hand, shoves double the pot with AQo. KAPOWEE, ninja owned!

Created by OP on 29 Jul, 2009
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