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Morton's Theorem

Morton's Theorem

A poker principle created by Andy Morton, stating that in multi-way pots, a players expectation may be maximized by an opponent making a correct decsision.

See also: The Fundamental Theorem of Poker

While it seems that these two theorems are mutually exclusive, it must be noted, that The Fundamental Theorem of Poker deals exclusively with situations in which the pot is heads up, and Mortens Theorem deals exclusively with multi-way pots.

Example: In limit holdem a player holds AdKc and the flop is Ks 9h 3h, giving the player top pair with the best kicker. His opponents hold Ah Th and Qc 9c The turn brings a 6d In this situation, If the Player with TPTK bets, and the player with the flush draw calls, there is a paradoxal size of pot (in this case between 5 bb and 8bb) in which the player holding TPTK maximizes his value when his opponent makes the correct decision.

Created by Ragnar4 on 22 Jul, 2009
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