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ICM - Independent Chip Model - is a mathematical model which can be used to work out the cash value of each player's chips in a tournament or sit and go. It is most useful at final tables, for example for deal discussion or working out if calling a player is going to be profitable. Note that while a move may be profitable in terms of chips, the same move may not be profitable in terms of actual dollars.

Calculators are best done using an online calculator (see the Tools of Poker section for a list of the latest poker tools), which will work out the chance of finishing in each position based on stack sizes and combine this with the prize pool to provide actual numbers.

Example: 4 players left, payouts are 50% 30% 20% in a 10 player $10 Sit and Go. All stack sizes are the same, so everyone has the same chance of going out in every position. We are facing an all in blind v blind and we believe that our opponent will shove 50% of the time. We can put all this information in an ICM calculator and it will give us a range of calling of AA-99, AJs, AQs, AKs, AQo, AKo. If we were holding 77, our stack would be worth $22.47 if we call or $23.91 if we fold, so it would be a bad call! Another example would be that ICM dictates that you should call very few hands when facing an all in when there is a player with much less chips than everyone else who will go out soon.

Created by JKDS on 22 Jul, 2009
Last updated by Pascal on 25 Aug, 2012
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