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Having a lock on half of a hand with a shot of winning the entire pot.

Freerolling is most common in split pot game when a player has a lock for half a hand with a shot of winning the entire hand.

The player with a shot to win the entire hand is freerolling while the player with a chance to lose the entire pot is freerolled.

Please do not confuse this term with a freeroll tournament

Example: Holdem: Player 1: AdKd, Player 2: AhKc, board is QdJdTh. Player 1 is freerolling Omaha hi-lo: Player 1: Ad3d5h7h player 2: KhKsQsJh board 2d7d8sKc. Player 1 is freerolling

Created by TLR on 23 Jul, 2009
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