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Fixed limit

Fixed limit

The most common form of betting limit. A fixed limit game sets a specific limit on all bets. Usually, the limit doubles in later rounds. Thus, a 4/8 fixed limit game features a $4 betting limit on early rounds and an $8 bettling limit in later rounds. (In hold 'em, the lower limit applies to pre-flop and the flop, and the higher limit to the turn and river.)

In a fixed limit game, the options available to a player in an unopened pot are to check, or bet the fixed limit. The options available to a player in an opened pot are to fold, call, or raise in the amount of the fixed limit. The players are not allowed to size their bets.

Example: Hero is in the cut-off with pocket kings in a 9/18 fixed limit game. UTG raises to $18, and a player in middle position re-raises to $27. Hero's only options are to fold, to call the $27, or to re-raise to $36.

Created by LawDude on 5 Aug, 2009
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