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There are several tournaments that are known as Bounty tournaments. These carry the same rules as other tournament with a special twist. In online games, it is often the case that every player has a bounty on their head and when you knock a player out, you get their chips as well as the bounty. In live games the bounty is restricted to one per table so that it is less troublesome. Additionally, a bounty could be placed on one particular player's head in a tournament when that player has some special significance.

The bounty itself is a usually small cash amount that is immediately added to your bankroll, (or delivered to you in a live game) as soon as you knock a player with a bounty out. They are not dependent on where you finish in a tournament, and your bounty (if you have one) does not increase upon acquiring someone else's bounty.

Example: I just entered a $5 bounty tournament where I get $2.5 for every player I knock out!

Created by JKDS on 23 Jul, 2009
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