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BBJ = bad beat jackpot.

Many poker sites (online and casinos) offer a badbeat jackpot. This is typically paid out when a very strong hand - often 8888 minimum - loses to an even stronger hand.
This happens only rarely.

Some sites offer BBJ tables, where a higher than normal rake is paid and this extra rake is paid into the bad beat jackpot. When someone at one of these BBJ tables loses with 8888 or better, the jackpot is paid to the players at that specific table. Normally the losing player in the hand gets the biggest share of the jackpot (say 40%), the winning player (say, 25%), and the rest is shared evenly among the other players.

Example: Hero holds TT on a BBJ table. Villain holds AK. Flop comes TTA. Hero checks, villain bets, Hero calls. Turn comes another A, Hero checks, villain shoves, Hero calls. River comes an A to give villain AAAAK and Hero TTTTA. Whole table celebrates as the 240k is handed out, Hero thinks 'wow, maybe I should move up from 50nl'. Mid- and High-stakes regs start drooling in anticipation.

Created by daven on 22 Jul, 2009
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