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# Name Type Round Status Last activity Players  
11686 10 rounds Pineapple 1/2 players 12 minutes ago ugottabekiddingme V
11680 Play the Best Pineapple 1/2 players 1 hour ago sshefri V
11618 pineappple express Pineapple 1/2 players, password 11 hours ago oscarjonesslc V
11508 schmevels revenge Pineapple 1/2 players, password 1 day ago jeffreyknorman V

Ongoing games

# Name Type Round Status Last activity Players  
11688 Pineapple 17 ugottabekiddingme's turn to set 54 seconds ago ugottabekiddingme, GlassJoeBot R V
11670 Pineapple 229 round results 8 minutes ago rodward, GlassJoeBot R V
11687 Pineapple 1 ugottabekiddingme's turn to set 9 minutes ago ugottabekiddingme, BaldBullBot V
11685 Pineapple 6 round results 27 minutes ago andreytod, GlassJoeBot R V
11684 Pineapple 1 hhwoo's turn to set 32 minutes ago hhwoo, BaldBullBot V
11614 Pineapple 100 round results 33 minutes ago Boxman444, GlassJoeBot R V
10773 Pineapple 131 oscarjonesslc's turn on 6th st 1 hour ago andrejs.prost, oscarjonesslc R V
11678 OFC 11 round results 1 hour ago david1493, GlassJoeBot R V
11683 Pineapple 17 round results 1 hour ago OneByPhi, GlassJoeBot R V
11682 Pineapple 1 OneByPhi's turn to set 1 hour ago OneByPhi, BaldBullBot V
11681 Pineapple 1 dawgboy's turn to set 1 hour ago dawgboy, BaldBullBot V
11679 Pineapple 1 Eric's turn to set 1 hour ago Eric, BaldBullBot V
11677 Pineapple 1 david1493's turn to set 1 hour ago david1493, BaldBullBot V
11658 cliccaqui OFC 44 round results 1 hour ago way2go, pdc R V
11673 barony OFC 10 game ended 2 hours ago Baron, michuu R
11676 Pineapple 1 Eric's turn to set 2 hours ago Eric, BaldBullBot V
11675 Pineapple 1 round results 2 hours ago Eric, GlassJoeBot R V
11674 Pineapple 1 Eric's turn to set 2 hours ago Eric, BaldBullBot V
11672 Pineapple 3 ugottabekiddingme's turn on 6th st 2 hours ago ugottabekiddingme, GlassJoeBot R V
11666 Barons OFC 10 game ended 2 hours ago jedrzej.plaskacz, michuu, Baron R

Open Face Chinese Poker is one of the newest games that is really starting to take off. It's vastly different from other forms of poker, such as Texas Hold'em, and can be played with 2-4 players. For complete rules and strategy, see The Ultimate Guide to Open Face Chinese.

FTR has created a web client where you can login with your forum account, or connect with your Facebook account, and play against your friends. (Or if you prefer, start a game with our ever improving AI, Wazzup.) Our beta Open Face Chinese client above supports PC and Mac, and should work well across all browsers. It's also mobile friendly, so you can play on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile device.

To get started, you can choose a quick start by clicking "Play NOW against Wazzup" and you will be instantly seated against our AI. If you want to play with your friends, or someone from FTR, click "Start a new game with options." After creating your game, the table will show in the lobby and can be joined by pressing the yellow J button on the right hand side. You can also send your friends the table link directly for them to join.

After you join a table, whoever is left of the dealer button must act first. You will be dealt your 5 set cards.

Drag and drop your cards to the position you want to set them, and press Submit. (The submit button will not be active until it's your turn and you've set your cards properly.)

Each player will then be dealt one extra card per street, in order of position, and can be placed in any open position. (Remember, the bottom row needs to be the strongest hand, middle row second strongest, and weakest up top!)

At the end of each round, scores will be counted and shown at the left. Cumulative scores will be shown next to your player names at the top. Click the "Start round X" button to advance to the next round. (The next round will not start until all players press this button.)

If you have any questions on scoring, it's explained in detail here.

If you're playing the Open Face variation Pineapple, the game is similar except for one major difference. On each street, each player is dealt three cards, opposed to one.

Players must then decide where to place two of the cards, discarding the third. Drag two of the cards into any open position on the board, leaving the third at the bottom. Pressing submit will place your two cards, while discarding the third.

While playing, if you happen to finish the round with QQ or better up top, without fouling, you will qualify for Fantasy Land.

In the next round, you will be dealt all 13 cards at once and can choose to set them in any order. (Note: In Pineapple, Fantasy Land deals 14 cards.)

To sort your cards, press the S button to sort by Suit, or the C button to sort by Card strength. This will help you determine the best set for your Fantasy Land hand.

Drag and drop cards into the desired order and press Submit. (Note: If playing Pineapple, there will be one discard left at the bottom.) Hand strength rules still apply, so don't foul your hand!

All other players not in Fantasy Land will play their hand normally. At the end of the round, scoring is handled the same way.

If you have any questions on Fantasy Land, it's explained in detail here.

Hand Fouls: Did not follow correct hand strength, no points awarded.
Hand Scoops: Beats all other hands at showdown, +3 point bonus.
Fantasy Land: Pair or Queens+ up top, next deal will be Fantasy Land.

At the end of each round, feedback buttons will appear at the bottom of the table.

Click on them to post in our Open Face Chinese forum. This will allow our members to give you feedback on how you played your hand.

Did I set it right?: Posts just the first 5 card set of the hand.
Did I play it right?: Posts the entire hand history, along with how you played each street.
Help Wazzup get better: This button only shows if you're playing against Wazzup. It will post in the dedicated Wazzup forum where we can examine his play and help improve his intelligence.

These buttons are only available to our forum users. Those who connect and play with Facebook must create a forum account to post in our forum.

Our Open Face Poker client is still in its beta phase and is being improved every day with the help from our members feedback. If you notice any bugs, or have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us or post in our OFC forum.

BaldBullBot was developed by Alex Gorbounov ( and Alexander Medvedev (

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