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    The most profitable poker players in the world know that there are always opportunities to make your poker decisions easier, to play more tables, and ultimately to make more money. FTR has now gathered some of the most useful information and tools that you can use in order to do all of the things listed above and more.

    Ever wonder why some people can multi-table 20 games at a time and you struggle with 8? It might simply be that they have a better system in place. That really is sometimes the difference between being able to focus on playing your best poker game or being frustrated by timing out or not knowing which table needs your attention first. There are a lot of tools available, usually in the form of AHK scripts, that can do some of the simple actions for you. AHK is an acronym for Auto Hot Key. Don't confuse this type of script for some sort of "bot" that makes decisions for you. No, an AHK script simply helps you get to the decision making point sooner and make your actions more quickly and fluidly.

    Even things such as when is the best time to play could help change your winrate. Some players are stuck playing at the worst time of the day, while others are able to play when the "fish" are aplenty. This can make a big difference in how often you are scooping other players' stacks. You can check your favorite site and find out how many players are playing there and how many are playing on other sites at certain times of the day.

    This new section on FTR will even have information such as customizing your table on your favorite site. Many people don't realize that for most sites changing the "skin" of the site, the look and the feel, is pretty easy. You can customize almost everything on many sites, including the screen background, the actual poker table, the cards and even the chips.

    Learn more about online poker sites at

    Be sure to check back here often as we will be updating this section of the site whenever new information or tools are available.

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