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Broadway Tables is giving members of FlopTurnRiver a chance to play in Season 2 of their Broadway Tables League for FREE! How, you ask? Simply open an account and deposit a minimum of $20 by January 15th and Broadway Tables will credit you with one $33 token for entry in their first event of the league which takes place on January 16. Play well so you can find yourself within the top 9 paid spots and pay for your entry into the League Championship Tournament on March 27th, where six 2011 Word Series of Poker Satellite tickets are up for grabs, each worth $540. If you put your poker skills to good use in the satellite, you will find yourself with a $12,500 prize package to the 2011 WSOP Main Event! If you play your cards right, you could win your seat for free!

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FlopTurnRiver is introducing it's brand new Hand of the Week contest! Towards the end of each month, FTR will announce a week where players are able to submit hands to see who has the best bluff, call, bad beat, or whatever! A winner will then be selected from the submissions and that forum member will receive their choice of free FTR gear! Our first hand of the week contest ran last month and the winner was JohnnyCashout. He received his choice of a black FTR hoodie. Watch for our announcements for the next Hand of the Week contest via the forum and facebook!

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Forum Fanatic | Snap off missed draws or get value towned

reDZill4 asks for opinions about the best betting strategy for a hand in our High Stakes NL Hold'em Forum.

v is 28/21 9% 3b. 33% raise cbet (6). Only recent history (arguably irrelevant) is he stacked me earlier when he c/r KK as pfr from utg (fr)on 677cc and I 4b/c AQcc.
I was thinking that calling gives him the opportunity to continue bluffing. But, that allows him to play perfectly on the river in terms of bluffing frequencies. As I don't have many reads on his tendencies I'm unsure what the optimal line is here.
UTG LeRhaqs ($2,340)
UTG+1 gregy20723 ($1,000)
CO cadillac0001 ($280)
BTN fantasticcow ($1,759)
SB Hero ($1,977)
BB Altrum Altus ($1,000)
Pre-Flop: ($15, 6 players) Hero is SB, KsJh
LeRhaqs folds, gregy20723 folds, cadillac0001 folds, fantasticcow folds, Hero raises to $30, Altrum Altus calls $20
Flop: 9h8d10d ($60, 2 players)
Hero bets $40, Altrum Altus raises to $127, Hero calls $87
Turn: 7c ($314, 2 players)
Hero checks, Altrum Altus bets $218, Hero ?

Genitruc: call turn check-call any non-diamond river seems about right, if somewhat transparent. maybe check-call and calling any river is better.

pocketfours: Flop call seems thin. As played I'm def jamming turn.

griffey24: I'm kind of torn on this. I think jamming turn gets us owned by QJ and Jxdd a fair bit.
At the same time, if he has a hand like JT or J9 or something, we are free-rolling him.
I guess this would depend on whether we expect villain to bet diamonds here, and whether he will b/c them here.

IowaSkinsFan: Absolutely call.
I think I'd just fold flop as well but its close.

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Poker News | Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke Part Ways with UB

After several years spent at the forefront of the Ultimate Bet roster, both Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke have entered poker’s free agent market. According to a recent announcement from UB, the pair have parted ways with the sometimes-troubled gaming giant.
Speculation regarding Hellmuth’s departure has long been in the air, following several live appearances at which he failed to sport the company colors. Duke’s break with her long-time sponsor comes as a bit more of a surprise.

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Poker Article | PCA Poker - PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

By lolzzz_321
Qualifying for the PCA Bahamas can be done for less than $1, although players will have to battle through several online tournaments. More experienced players opt to enter modest PCA rebuy satellites or PCA freezeouts with buy-ins upwards of $200. Sit and Go specialists have been known to grind the PokerStars step satellites. Live PCA Satellites are few and far between, but Mohegan Sun and Golden West Casino hosted a limited number that awarded seats to the 2011 PCA. Typically PCA Poker Prize Packages award qualifiers a PCA Main Event Seat, accommodations at the luxurious Atlantic Resort and Casino, and spending money. These PCA Poker Packages are valued at more than $10,000.
The variety of tournaments at the PokerStars PCA is mesmerizing and PokerStars continues to expand the schedule each year. The 2011 PCA is slated be the biggest yet, and spans more than a week from January 6th to January 16th. In addition to a Main Event, participants will find a PCA Ladies Event, Charity Event, Bounty Tournament, and tournaments with zany rules such as H.O.E. and Fiple Draw. PokerStars has even managed to combine poker fishing in the Fish and Chips Showdown. Thankfully, the results on the felt will be weighted more than what a player can do as an angler.

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Poker Dictionary | Hard Working Man

The 95 suited, also known as the Dolly Parton or the New Jersey Turnpike.
Example: The hard working man surely needs help to make an actual hand, but when it dies, its got immense chances of getting properly paid off.

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cr4zybe4utifu1: Everyone at FlopTurnRiver wishes all forum members a happy and healthy 2011!
Happy New Year!!
jyms: Can I get the password to the happy new year?

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