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Full Tilt Poker Bonus

Full Tilt Poker Bonus

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Full Tilt Poker offers a First Deposit Welcome Package for all new players, which includes a $600 bonus, free tournament ticket, and entries into a $50K freeroll series. They also offer other ongoing promotions, along with many new and exciting promotions every week.


The Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus and Welcome Package is available to all new players who have not made a real money deposit. All you have to do is create a new account and make your first deposit to qualify. If you already have a Full Tilt Poker account and have made a deposit anytime in the past, you are not eligible for the welcome package. However, you may qualify for other promotions.

In order to activate the bonus, you must make your first deposit. Full Tilt Poker offers a wide variety of deposit options, which vary based on your location. If you need help making your first deposit, see our review.

Bonus Code

There is no Full Tilt Poker bonus code to enter to qualify for the deposit bonus. At one time, there was a Full Tilt Poker referral code when signing up to ensure you received the maximum possible bonus offer available. However, they got rid of this when Full Tilt re-launched in late 2012 under the control of PokerStars.

Qualify for the $600 Bonus

All new players can take advantage of the opening bonus offer. All you have to do is make a real money deposit. The first deposit welcome package includes a $600 deposit bonus, free tournament ticket, and 10 entries in the $50K first deposit freeroll series.

100% up to $600 Deposit Bonus

Full Tilt Poker offers all new players a 100% up to $600 bonus over their first three deposits. So basically, deposit $600 or more and you get $600 free in bonus funds. These bonus funds need to be cleared before they become money you can play with, but that is easy to do.

Don't have $600 in one chunk? Don't worry! You can deposit whatever you have available now, and then add to the bonus amount over your next two deposits. Let's say for example you only have $250 right now - well throw that on and you will be given a $250 bonus. In a few weeks, you can deposit another $200 to bring your bonus amount up to $450. Then maybe one month from then you have an extra $150 for the full $600 bonus.

Free Tournament Ticket

Receive a free $2.25 Tournament Ticket after making your first real-money deposit, which can be used to register for any tournament or Sit & Go with a buy-in equal to the face value of the ticket. It may take up to 72 hours for you to receive your ticket. This ticket will expire within 120 days from the date it is credited to a player’s account. To keep track of Tournament Ticket information such as the expiration date or value, locate the Requests menu in the lobby and click Check my Ticket Balance.

$50K First Deposit Freeroll Series

Receive (10) free entries to Full Tilt Poker’s $50K First Deposit Freeroll Series by making your first real-money deposit. Each ticket can be used to play a $5,000 First Deposit Freeroll, which runs every Sunday at 06:00 ET or 14:30 ET. Tickets expire 80 days from the date they are credited to a player. To keep track of Tournament Ticket details such as the expiration date of value, select the Requests menu in the Lobby and click Check my Ticket Balance.

Earn Your Welcome Package

To clear the bonus, play real money cash games or tournaments and collect Full Tilt Points (FTPs). The bonus will clear at a rate of $.04 for every Full Tilt Point earned. This means a total of 15,000 FTPS must be earned to clear the full $600.

The bonus is released in increments instead of all at once, which is great for smaller stakes players because it's not all or nothing. The bonus will automatically be released into your account in increments of $20, or 10% of the total amount, whichever is smaller. Assuming the full $600 bonus, this means that every time you collect 500 FTPs, $20 will be deposited into your account until the full $600 is released.

If you want to see your clearing status, click on the Cashier window to view your total cash and select Bonus Account to view your bonus amounts. This will show you how much you've released and how much more of the bonus you have to earn.

Full Tilt Bonus Details

Full Tilt Points (FTPs)

Full Tilt Points are earned through a dealt contributed method. This basically means you earn FTP's based upon the amount of rake you contributed to a pot. Cash game players receive 10 points for every $1 paid in rake and partial points are awarded. For example, in a 9 handed game that you contributed $50 of a $100 pot you would have paid $1.50 in rake (50% of the pot in a $3 capped rake pot) and thus would earn 15 FTPs for your contribution to the rake. If you contributed $30 of a $90 pot you would have paid $1 in rake (33.33% in a $3 capped rake pot) you would earn 10 FTPs. You must be dealt into a hand as well as have had contributed to the pot to earn FTPs.

As a further example, let's say 5 players were dealt into a hand at $50 NL and the total pot size ended up being $50. Of this $50, the rake would be $2.50, awarding a total of 25 FTPs. These 25 FTPs would be divided based on each player's contribution, shown below:

Player Pot Contribution Rake Contribution % Rake Contribution FTPs Awarded
Player 1 $5 $0.25 10% 2.5
Player 2 $0 $0 0% 0
Player 3 $5 $0.25 10% 2.5
Player 4 $20 $1.00 40% 10
Player 5 $20 $1.00 40% 10
Total $50 $2.50 100% 25

Tournament and Sit-N-Go players earn 10 FTPs for every $1 paid in tournament fees. There is no cap on FTPs earned for a single tournament, for example you would earn 1,000 FTPs for playing in a $5500+$100 Heads Up Sit-N-Go.

Clearing Rates

The chart below shows an approximation of how many hands and tournament fees it would take to clear the full Full Tilt Poker bonus depending on which stake and type of game you play:

How Long to Clear the Full Tilt Poker Bonus?

Stake Full Ring 6-Max
25 NL 93,750 65,217
50 NL 45,455 33,333
100 NL 28,302 20,000
200 NL 19,737 17,241
400 NL 15,000 12,821
Tournaments $1,500 in Fees
Above is an approximation of how many hands and tournament fees it would take to clear the full Full Tilt Poker bonus depending on which stake and type of game you play.

Note that the ring hands aren't an exact science, it depends on your playing style. Generally, aggressive players who play more pots will earn points faster. The tournament fees are exact, however.

Rakeback %

Breaking it down based on tournaments, this bonus worth exactly 40% rakeback since you get $600 back after paying $1,500. ($600 / $1,500 = .40) The rakeback percent will vary a but on cash but is around 30-40%.


The bonus expires 180 days after your deposit. Make sure you have enough time to invest during the next 180 days before starting the bonus! It will take the average $50NL player ~45,000 hands, so that comes out to ~1,800 hands per week. The average $100NL player will be a little easier at ~1,100 hands per week. Tournament grinders will need to pay ~$60 in fees per week. Remember, these are minimum amounts, if you can, shoot for more!

Start Clearing the Full Tilt Poker Bonus

Edge Rewards is Full Tilt Poker's new VIP program. All players can increase their VIP level, convert points to cash for rakeback, and the more you play the better the perks become.

Edge Rewards VIP Levels

The Edge Rewards program is tiered into 5 status levels, and the more you play, the more you earn. The status levels are worked out based on a rolling average of the Full Tilt Points (FTPs) you earn over 7, 30 and 100 days.

Edge Status Requirements

You earn these points by generating rake in either real money cash games, or by entering real money tournaments.

As you can see above, the more FTPs you average per day, the higher your Status Level. For example, if you wanted to achieve Platinum Level, you would need to average 150 FTPs per day for 30 days or 100 FTPs per day for 100 days.

Note: Full Tilt Poker does not offer rakeback directly. However, their VIP levels, described below, will allow you to convert points for cash which is basically the same thing. We will refer to it as "rakeback" even though it's not standard rakeback.


Achievable by virtually any player, mainly because it only requires to maintain a 7-day rolling average of 10 Full Tilt points, in other words, all you have to do is earn 70 points in a week and you will get the Bronze status. However, Bronze players do not receive any cash payments and receive very little benefits.

Bronze level players can earn up to 0% rakeback.


A slightly higher 7-day average of 50 points is required to achieve Silver status, however, once you do that, you will only be required to maintain a 35 point 30-day rolling average and a 25 point 100-day rolling average to keep this status. With this status comes a rakeback payment of $1 per 100 points or 10%.

Silver level players can earn up to 10% rakeback.


The last status reachable within 7 days. A 100 point 7-day average required to reach this status means that a little more effort will be required. However, you can maintain this status with a 75 point average over 30 days and a 50 point average over a 100-day period, which is not that much. With the Gold status comes a $1.50 return for every 100 points earned.

Gold level players can earn up to 15% rakeback.


Reaching Platinum status doesn’t require any rolling 7-day average, however, it does require to maintain a 150 point rolling average over 30 days and a 100 point average over 100 days. With that comes a $2 return for every 100 points earned.

Platinum level players can earn up to 20% rakeback.


And finally, the most coveted status of all – Diamond status. Maintaining a 350 point rolling average over 30 days and a 250 average over 100 days will get you this status and with it, 25% rakeback ($2.50 return for every 100 points earned) and access to the exclusive Diamond Edge store. In the Diamond Edge store, you can also receive cash bonuses for Full Tilt Points, adding up to an additional 4.55% in rakeback.

Diamond level players can earn up to 29.55% rakeback.

Rakeback/VIP Calculator

Wondering how many hands or tournaments it takes to make Diamond status? Want to know how much rakeback you would receive? Check out our Edge Rakeback Calculator below.

Game Type:
Average Hands per Month:
Average Buy-In:
Average Tournaments per Month:

Note: The above calculator gives an estimate and may not be 100% accurate.

Maintaining Your Edge Status

You can always check your 7 Day, 30 Day, and 100 Day averages in the Full Tilt Lobby, shown below.

Maintaining Your Edge Status

You have to maintain your 7, 30, or 100 day averages in order to stay at that VIP level.

Let’s say that you have achieved Diamond status by maintaining the needed 30 –day rolling average, but by the end of the same 30 days, you have decided to take a break and your average fell down below 350. This means that your Diamond status will be replaced with Platinum until you bring up your average. Also, this means that rakeback will be calculated differently depending on the status the you have. If you have played 3 days with a Diamond status and the next 4 with Platinum status, by the end of the week you will receive 3 days worth of 25% rakeback and 4 days worth of 20% rakeback, so don’t forget to check your rolling averages!

Using Full Tilt Points

If your goal is purely cash, the best use of your points is to activate bonuses, shown below:

Bonus Amount Points to Purchase Points to Clear Days to Clear Rakeback
$50 15,000 1,250 15 3.33%
$100 28,500 2,500 15 3.51%
$250 65,000 6,250 30 3.85%
$500 125,000 12,500 30 4.00%
$1,000 240,000 25,000 50 4.17%
$2,000 460,000 50,000 90 4.35%
$5,000 1,100,000 125,000 180 4.55%

These bonuses are only available to Diamond VIP players! All bonuses clear at $0.04 per Full Tilt Point earned. As shown in the Rakeback Equivalent column, the $5,000 bonus is much more valuable than the $50 bonus. At the $50 level, the bonus is worth 3.33% rakeback, compared to the $5,000 level which works out to 4.55%. This means each FTP is 24% more valuable at the highest level. However, not everyone will be able to earn 1.1 million FTPs. Find the right balance between value and how many FTPs you can possibly earn.

Players in the levels below can use their points to buy Tournament Tickets, either for generic buyin levels ($26 or $75), specific tournaments (Double Deuce $22, Sunday Brawl $256, Daily Dollar $10), for specific tournament series (FTOPS or MiniFTOPS) or for Steps tournaments. They could also buy Ring Game Tickets - 410, $25, $50, $100 or $200.

You can also use your FTPs to buy some Ring Game or MTT tickets. A miniFTOPS $11 ticket goes for 2,300 points, which is the equivalent of $230 of rake (an additional 4.7% of rakeback on top of your Edge reward).

This is a relatively small store, especially in comparison to the massive FPP store for PokerStars which can technically be used for nearly anything through the concierge service, but I would expect this to grow as Full Tilt starts to earn a return for PokerStars (who own both sites).

Become an Edge Rewards VIP

Full Tilt Poker offers various ongoing promotions.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is an ongoing promotion on Full Tilt that awards double or triple points on designated tables during certain times. This means you will be earning Full Tilt Points twice, or even three times as fast as normal. However, these points do not increase your rakeback. Any Happy Hour bonus points earned do not count towards other promotions, including Edge Rewards rakeback or clearing bonuses. So even if you are earning twice as many points, this will not clear bonuses twice as fast or award you with twice as much rakeback - those numbers only go by the base FTPs you earn. That being said, it's still a great promotion to earn more points. The more points you collect in the same amount of time allows you to purchase bonuses or other rewards faster from the Diamond Edge store.

Happy Hour Schedule

The schedule and tables for happy hour is shown on the Full Tilt website. You can also check which tables are currently offering Happy Hour points by looking for the lemon slice next to the players column:

Happy Hour Tables

Sometimes Full Tilt Poker holds promotions such as "Happy Hour Week" where all tables award double points. An example of Happy Hour Week was held in late 2012 for the holidays, December 24th - December 31st. All tables and tournaments awarded double points. Stay tuned to Full Tilt so you don't miss the next Happy Hour week!

Shorthanded Tables

You can earn double points on any breaking table, even if happy hour isn't running, as shown below:

- 6-Max: Earn 2x points when there are three or fewer players at the table
- 8-Max: Earn 2x points when there are four or fewer players at the table
- 9-Max: Earn 2x points when there are five or fewer players at the table

If your table is breaking during Happy Hour and fits the criteria from above, you will earn triple points.

Refer a Friend

You can earn up to $115 per friend that you refer to Full Tilt Poker. Each person you refer that makes a deposit, will then have to earn FTPs, as shown below:

Your Friend's FTPs Bonus Reward Total Reward
500 FTPs $20 $20
1,000 FTPs $25 $45
1,500 FTPs $30 $75
2,000 FTPs $40 $115

Remember that both you and your friend earn these bonuses. A total of 2,000 FTPs will release the max bonus of $115. Friends you refer must open an account within 30 days, and deposit within 60 days after opening their account. Once a deposit is made, they have 90 days to earn the FTPs for the rewards.

Take Advantage of Full Tilt Poker's Promos

The first deposit welcome package is only available for new Full Tilt Poker players who have yet to make a deposit. Only base FTPs count towards your clearing rate, promotions such as happy hour which give you bonus points will not clear your bonuses faster. Any pending bonus amount not earned within 180 days will expire. A fund transfer from your linked PokerStars account will also count as a first deposit. Full Tilt Poker does not accept real money deposits from players in the United States.

Every month, FTR players are invited to play in the FTR Tilt 250. This is a $3 buy-in event, held every month on the 15th at 16:00 ET, with $250 added to the prize pool, regardless of how many people show up. That adds up to $3,000 in value, every year. This is a special thanks for our members - don't miss out!

The password is released in our forum, and to see our current events see: FTR Exclusive Events & Offers

Full Tilt Poker has one of the fairest bonus policies you will find online today. The amount is good and attractive to both new players and seasoned grinders. They give you plenty of time to clear it. Their VIP program and consistently new promotions will keep you around for as long as you player poker.

We highly recommend the Full Tilt Poker bonus. If you haven't yet taken advantage of it, signup here!


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