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ESPN Poker Club Update

The ESPN Poker Club only offers play money. If you are looking for a US friendly room for real money play, check out Bovada Poker. All links will redirect users to Bovada, our #1 room for US players.

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ESPN Poker Club Highlights

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  • NUTS: The ESPN Poker Club uses the software, which is industry-leading and almost definitely the best you're going to find at any online poker room today. As a result of being on the network, the ESPN Poker Club has over a hundred thousand users, so you can guarantee you'll always be able to find a seat at a table filled with other players. Thanks to all the traffic, the ESPN Poker Club is also able to offer a wide variety of games, including Holdem, Omaha and Stud games.
  • BEATS: Sadly at this time the ESPN Poker Club can only offer play money tables, where all gambling that takes place is with fictitious fun money. While their teaming up with PokerStars may see this change in the future, for now players who want to gamble with real money need to download and play at PokerStars. It is also disappointing to see that although the PokerStars real money client supports Mac, there is no such support for the ESPN Poker Club download.
  • Accepts US Poker players


ESPN Poker Club Info

Network N/A
Number Of Players 0 (Wed, 31 Dec 1969, 7:00pm EST)
Resizable Tables Fully Customizable
No-Limit Ring Stakes $1 - $2 up to $100 - $200
Limit Ring Stakes $2 - $4 up to $200 - $400
Sit & Go Stakes $50 + $5 up to $200,000 + $1,500
Player Points No
US Players Yes

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ESPN Poker Club Room Review

ESPN Poker Club Overview

The ESPN Poker Club has been around for years, providing excellent poker coverage, reporting, opinion columns and promotions. They've even offered a free-play online poker room for dedicated fans since 2005, although the service was a bit lacking. Realizing that the software they were running was rather out-dated and that their pool of players was anything but large, the ESPN Poker Club recently teamed up with to remedy both problems, and the changes have resulted in an outstanding play-money poker experience.

PokerStars is without question one of the biggest names in the business, and so they bring a lot to the table with the ESPN Poker Club partnership. Firstly, being the online poker giant that they are, they have a lot of players, and so people using the ESPN Poker Club will now have access to more games, tables and opponents. Secondly their software leads the industry, and the ESPN Poker Club download is now a nearly exact replica of the PokerStars client. The only thing lacking in the skin is real money games, but players who want something more than play money can still head over to and play there.

The ESPN Poker Club is now a part of the network, which means that people playing with the ESPN client will be able to sit across the table not just with other people using the same download, but instead with everybody on PokerStars and any other site which uses their network. This huge boost in players means that there are now games running at a wide variety of stakes for Hold'em, Omaha, Stud games and even rarer games like Draw variants and Badugi. There are a number of scheduled large tournaments, or if you only have a limited amount of time then Sit & Go tournaments are also available. With so many players you'll never be waiting for a game.

While the ESPN Poker Club doesn't offer cash bonuses or other such incentives to join since all play at the tables is with fictitious money, hitting the tables can still be very worth your while. Those of you with a competitive spirit and a bit of poker knowledge will be happy to hear that the ESPN Poker Club looks set to host freeroll tournaments with awesome prizes, such as seats in major poker tournaments. To celebrate the launch of the new software, for instance, a massive freeroll tournament was held with a North American Poker Tour Main Event ticket up for grabs. With any luck, this trend will continue.

If you'd ever played at the old ESPN Poker Club and found it not to your taste, it's definitely worth reconsidering now. With the might of PokerStars behind it, the best software and largest player base online is being offered to you, completely free of charge. Hopefully awesome promotions awarding seats to major tournaments will continue, but if you like the software and feel like having the chance to win something with real value, then you should check out the PokerStars real money download.

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ESPN Poker Club


ESPN Poker Club

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