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Below is a list of the best casinos for online craps. This is a great list full of well-known casinos known for their great craps games. For those in the US, the best place to place is either Bovada or Cool Cat Casino. Those living outside the US will have more options, and thus be able to grind away even more craps deposit bonuses. All of these sites will offer great deposit bonuses that can swing the odds of their craps games in your favor. Be sure to use the links or bonus codes listed for each room to guarantee your maximum possible bonus. Just review each of our rooms below, or just follow the rankings, and you should have little trouble finding a great craps game.

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Bonus Code
Bonus Description
Wager Requirement
1 Silver Oak Casino Silver Oak Casino
100% up to Unlimited
60x Bonus is NOT cashable.
Silver Oak Casino offers a generous deposit bonus of 100% up to Unlimited to its craps players who deposit a minimum of $30 into their accounts. Silver Oak Casino’s deposit bonus has a playthrough requirement of 60 times the amount of your deposit plus your bonus. If you deposit $1,000 and receive a $1,000 deposit bonus, you would have to bet ($1,000 + $1,000) x 60, or $120,000, to clear your bonus. If you bet $50 per roll, you would have to roll the dice while playing craps 2,400 times to satisfy Silver Oak Casino’s wagering requirement.

Fine Print: To claim this bonus, a craps player must enter the bonus code, “SPECIALFIVE,” when making a deposit. If a player takes a withdrawal before clearing a deposit bonus, the person will forfeit his or her bonus and any winnings related to it. Silver Oak Casino’s bonus is not cashable, but once you clear the bonus you can withdraw up to 10 times the amount of your qualifying deposit. This bonus does not expire so craps players can take their time clearing their bonus funds.
2 WinPalace Casino WinPalace Casino
100% up to $1,000
40x Bonus is NOT cashable.
Win Palace offers a 100% up to $1,000 bonus for craps players that can be redeemed twice. The wager requirement to clear the bonus is 40x your deposit+bonus. So a $500 deposit would net you a $500 bonus, and would need to be cleared as shown: ($500+$500) * 40 = $40,000. So that means you would have to wager $80,000 before you can cash out any profit. If you're betting $25 per roll, it would take you 1,600 rolls before the bonus was cleared.

Fine Print - You must use the bonus code WINCRAPS after making a deposit to activate the bonus. Cashout voids bonus and winnings before WR is met. The bonus is not cashable, so your bonus amount will be deducted from your balance upon withdrawal. There is no bonus expiration.
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[Craps Rating]
Bonus Code
Bonus Description
Wager Requirement
1 bet365 Casino bet365 Casino
100% up to $200
80x Bonus is cashable.
Bet365 gives its new craps players the chance to collect a 100% up to $200 Opening Bonus when they contribute at least $20 to their games accounts. To clear this bonus, you will have to bet the combined total of your eligible deposit and Opening Bonus twenty times over. If, for instance, you receive the maximum Opening Bonus possible by depositing $200 into your games account, you will have to wager ($200 + $200) x 20, or $8,000 playing craps to satisfy Bet365’s wagering requirement. If you play craps and bet $20 per throw, you will have to roll the dice 400 times to clear your Opening Bonus.

Fine Print: To activate Bet365 100% up to $200 Opening Bonus, you need to enter the bonus code, “BONUS100,” within seven days of making a qualifying deposit into your games account. If you take a withdrawal from your games account before clearing your bonus, you will forfeit your bonus and all of the money you won with the bonus funds you received. You will also forfeit your bonus and all winnings related to it if you fail to satisfy the casino’s playthrough requirement within 60 days.
2 William Hill Casino William Hill Casino
150% up to £150
100x Bonus is NOT cashable.
New craps players at William Hill can receive one of three different First Deposit Bonuses depending on the amount of their qualifying deposits. If, for instance, you deposit at least £10, you will receive a First Deposit Bonus of 25% up to £34. If you deposit £35 instead, you’ll get a 100% up to £150 First Deposit Bonus. If you are a high roller and contribute a minimum of £1,000 into your account, you will be eligible to receive a First Deposit Bonus of £300.

The wagering requirement for William Hill’s First Deposit Bonus is twenty times, meaning you will need to bet the amount of your initial deposit plus the amount you receive as a bonus twenty times over to clear your First Deposit Bonus. Only twenty percent of each bet you make while playing craps counts toward your bonus’ playthrough requirement, however. This means that if you get a First Deposit Bonus of £150 based on your initial deposit of the same amount, you will need to wager (£300 x 20) x 5, or £30,000, to satisfy the William Hill’s wagering requirement. If you bet £25 every time you roll the dice playing craps, you will need to roll £1,200 times to clear your bonus.

Fine Print: While you don’t need to enter a bonus code to get William Hill’s First Deposit Bonus, you do need to click, “Claim Bonus,” immediately after you make your first account contribution. You will lose your bonus and all of the money you won with it if you initiate a withdrawal before clearing your bonus. This bonus is non-cashable so William Hill will remove the full amount of your First Deposit Bonus when you take money out of your account even if you successfully clear your bonus. William Hill gives its new players 30 days to clear their First Deposit Bonuses.
3 888 casino 888 casino
200% up to €200
600x Bonus is cashable.
888 Casino offers a 200% up to $200 Welcome Bonus to craps players who open a real-money account and make an initial account contribution. The playthrough requirement for 888 Casino’s Welcome Bonus is 30 times and only 5 percent of each bet you make playing craps will count toward the wagering requirement. So if you get a $200 Welcome Bonus based on your initial deposit of $100, you will need to bet ($300 x 30) x 20, or $180,000 while playing craps to clear your bonus. If you wager $100 every time you place a bet playing craps, you will need to bet 1,800 times to satisfy 888 Casino’s wagering requirement.

Fine Print: Your Welcome Bonus will be credited to your account automatically after you make your first deposit with 888 Casino so you don’t need to enter a bonus code to activate it. Taking a withdrawal before you clear your bonus will void your Welcome Bonus and all winnings related to it. You have 90 days from the time you make a qualifying deposit to satisfy the Welcome Bonus’ wagering requirement.

What is Craps?

Craps is a popular dice gambling game that is played in live and online casinos around the world. It’s roots can be traced back hundreds of years where players would bet against one another, not the house. However, as gambling halls became more prevalent, so did Craps. Today, the players will mainly wager against the house; however, it is still possible to bet against fellow gamblers. Although it can be a winning play, wagering against other players is frowned upon and considered poor etiquette. The game itself is played on a Craps table which is divided into different sections that pay specific rolls of the die.

Why Play Craps?

Plain and simple, no other game comes close to the potential winnings that can be made at a Craps table. Because of the way the game plays, huge swings (both good and bad) are possible in short time frames. If you have ever passed by a Craps table at a casino, you have probably heard and seen the excitement that comes when a player continues to roll good numbers. Craps is one of the few games where you can more than double your money on any given roll or deal. The rules and game-play can appear quite difficult, so be sure to read up on our Craps rules section below.

How to Play Craps?

Craps consists of a pair of dice, a table, dealers, stickmen, and players. Before the first throw, players will place their bets on the “Pass” or “Don’t Pass” line, sometimes referred to as the “Right” or “Wrong” bets. One of the players at the table, called the “shooter”, will take the two of the dice from the stickman and toss them across the table, making sure to strike the sides of the table. The shooter will then throw the “come-out” roll to start the round. If the two die add up to 7 or 11, anyone with a bet on the Pass line wins. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, anyone betting on the Pass line loses their bet. If the shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, a “point” is established by moving the “ON” button onto that number on the table. In order for the Pass players to win, a player must roll the point number before he/she rolls another Seven. Those betting on the “Don’t Pass” line are generally betting against their fellow players, and can sometimes draw the ire of the others at the Craps table.

There are many more ways to bet and win while playing Craps. After the initial point is established, players can begin wagering on the point that was rolled. Players can “take odds” by placing a bet of 1-5 times their initial Pass line bet behind the line. This means if the point number is rolled before a Seven, the player will not only win their Pass line bet, but also whatever extra amount they wagered behind it. In most games, if 4 or 10 is the point, players will win at 2:1 odds, if a 5 or 9 is the point the payouts odds are 3:2, and if a 6 or 8 is the point, 6:5 odds are paid. You can see how quickly money can be won if you take odds on the point and hit it with one of the higher payout percentages. Players may also bet on the Don’t Pass line, hoping that a Seven is rolled before the point is rolled again. These pay opposite odds of the points listed above, as the Seven is a much more likely result.

A “come” bet is a wager that basically creates another round. Players can make a come bet after the initial roll that wins on 7 or 11, and loses on 2, 3, or 12 just like the come-out roll. If a point is rolled, the player will then assume that point and can lay odds just like the initial roll. This bet can also be used as insurance as the come bet would pay a Seven that would actually end the shooters roll, costing anyone their Pass-line bets.

There are also single-roll bets that players can make on certain numbers with different odds. These bets are 2, 3, 11, 12, 2/12, 2/3/12, 2/3/11/12, 7, and many more. All of these bets must hit on the specific roll you wager on, otherwise they are lost. Because of how difficult it can be to roll some of these numbers, the payout odds can be quite high. There are also “hard-way” bets which require the shooter to not only hit a certain number, but to do so by pairing the die. For example, 6 the hard way can only be won by rolling a pair of 3s, not a 4-2 or a 5-1 combination.

There are many other bets and each casino will have different payout odds. It is important to do some research and find the casino with the best odds before depositing your funds there. In order to reduce the house advantage as much as you can, you should only place the smallest bet possible, even when offered odds. This may not seem like the most exciting way to play, but it is optimal. However, if you are hoping to go on a big run and break the house, you will need to press your odds as much as possible. Those who enjoy a good gamble were certainly born to be Craps players.

The initial Pass-line bet is one of great advantage for the player, winning twice as often as it loses. However, because of the future bets holding quite a disadvantage, the house still remains ahead in the end. The casino will force you to move this bet onto the point, which while it does payout good odds, does not make up for how often a Seven will be rolled over the point. In general, Craps is a losing proposition; however, when played optimally along-side a big initial deposit bonus, players can certainly make money at the game. It is important to bet small and make sure the bonus you received can be cleared while playing Craps. Be sure to read our reviews on the bonuses in the table above.

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