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Diceland Casino Bonus

Diceland Casino Bonus

Diceland Casino Update

Diceland Casino has closed down. If you're looking to gamble online, we suggest you read our Bovada Casino review. Bovada is our #1 ranked casino for US players. All links will redirect to Bovada.

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Diceland Casino Bonus Details


Once you have made your deposit you will need to talk to support to get a bonus. Currently players can receive 100% up to $9,999 over your first 10 deposits!. Unfortunately you cannot earn the bonus by playing Blackjack, Video Poker, or Roulette. That means you must play slots if you want to clear your deposit bonus!

The time it takes to accumulate your bonus is a factor of the amount you bet each spin. Keep in mind you must bet 20x your bonus. If you deposited $100 to take advantage of a $100 bonus you would need to place bets equal or greater to $2000. If you were betting one quarter every spin, you would need to spin the reel eight thousand times! If you bet $1 per spin, you would only need to complete 200 spins. Unfortunately, you up the risk of losing all your money.

If you have tried slots and don't like them, be sure to ask the support team if they would give you a cashback deal on your preferred game. Diceland may offer to reimburse a percentage of what you lose to the house.

We wish you the best of luck clearing your Diceland Casino Bonus!

Diceland Casino

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