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3D slot machines are sweeping across the casino industry. Players around the world can't get enough of the 3D slot games. This modern version of video slots provides even more fun and entertainment than its predecessor. Each of the 3D slot machines has its own story, and trying out different ones is half the fun.

What is a 3D slot machine? Essentially, a standard multi-line slot game on graphical steroids. Each machine features multiple paylines so there are more chances to win. These games look gorgeous. If you're going to play slots, why not play ones that look the best? Most of these machines feature 3D slot bonus games that make the games very interactive. Playing 3D slots is a lot like playing a miniature PC game.

There are many 3D slot machines to be found at Bovada (for US Players), 888 Casino and Smart Live Casino. Check out a few of the slots below!

For US Players, the best option we have is definitely Bovada Casino. They offer over 30 different 3D Slot Machines and you can play for real money! Below highlights our favorites.

The Slotfather


Players that like a little bit of good old fashioned danger and intrigue in their sessions should give The Slotfather a few spins. This mafia-inspired 3D slot title features all the usual suspects with symbols like Tommy guns, cases full of money and of course a full array of gangsters. The Slotfather offers up a total of 30 playable lines with a minimum betting increment of .02 and a maximum of 1.00. Players can bet a single credit on a single line or as many as five credits on all 30 lines.

Where The Slotfather really stands out is in its four special features. Should Sammy Quickfingers show up beside a case full of cash, a Sneaky Instant Win is awarded. Likewise, if Quickfingers' compatriot Frankie da Fixer appears beside a Tommy gun the player earns Multiplier Mob free spins. Landing enough Underboss scatter symbols on an active payline instantly awards 500 credits. The main bonus game features The Slotfather himself; get three of his icons in a single spin to enter a special game screen.

We chose The Slotfather as the top 3D slot machine because we found it the most entertaining and the special bonus game screen is very exciting. Although all of the 3D slots are great at Bovada, if you aren't sure where to start, check out Slotfather!



Slots fans that like games with a fairytale feel may find their happily ever after at the Enchanted 3D slot game. This game features a whole slew of fairytale and magic-inspired symbols like enchanted animals, fairies, spellbooks, ogres and wizards.

Play a single line at the minimum bet of .02 to make your money last, or chase the big prizes with a maximum bet of five 1.00 credits on all 30 lines. While players betting a single credit can still trigger a number of bonus features, playing all 30 lines offers dozens of ways to win. The top combination of five wizards, for example, pays 5000.

Enchanted goes above and beyond by offering four different bonus features. Get three golden keys on the fifth reel to start the in-game Tonk's Tinkering Doors feature. Meanwhile, as few as two Crazy Hats will start the Crazy Hat's reel bonus. To earn free spins, a player has to land at least three spellbook symbols on an active payline. Finally, if the Rufus and Feera icons appear side-by-side on any paid line, the Save Feera's Bird feature is unlocked.

2 Million BC


The hot 3D slot title 2 Million B.C. definitely has an Ice Age feel. This 30-line slot game features the classic jewel symbols in addition to a bevy of fun prehistoric characters like sloths, sabertooth tigers and cavemen. Special win graphics and side games are ample, making this a fun play for the young at heart. With a minimum bet of .02 on a single line, budget players can still enjoy 2 Million B.C. Alternately, the maximum bet of 1.00 per credit at five credits per line (for a total of 150 per spin) also gives high rollers plenty to sink their teeth into.

Land three or more fire symbols in a single spin to activate the free spin bonus which can also be retriggered. Alternately, three acorns will trigger the Saber Attacks game. Finally, three or more consecutive diamond symbols triggers a scatter pay of up to 1000x your line bet.



The Gladiator 3D Slot title is always a popular pick among players that hope to battle their way to a big payoff. With overtly masculine music, sound effects and symbols this game offers an exciting alternative to the classic cartoon slots. Virtually all big wins are also accompanied by special 3D graphics. Like most modern 3D slots, Gladiator is a 30-line game. Players have the option of enjoying the game for as little as .02 on a single line or of betting full force at five 1.00 credits on all 30 lines.

Five different special symbols or in-game features add fun and value to the game. A princess at the top of any reel triggers the Wildx2 feature, transforming all the reels in that column into 2x wild symbols. Likewise if a hero gladiator lands anywhere in the third reel it triggers the Gladiator Smash feature wherein the entire reel becomes wild. Three or more doors on an active payline triggers an instant Click Me treasure feature while the coliseum scatter symbol pays up to 750x. Finally, landing consecutive hero, coliseum and villain symbols on an active payline will take the player to the Gladiator Battle game screen.

The Mad Scientist


The Mad Scientist slot game offers 3D slot fans a kooky and cartoony gaming experience. Game symbols include test tubes, microscopes, gauges and cryptic equations. The title character looks on from below. An electric hum accompanies every spin but music only plays when you win. This is a pretty straightforward 20-line slot. The betting increments run from .02 up to 1.00 per credit with a maximum bet of five credits per line for a max bet of 100 credits per spin.

The Mad Scientist is pretty generous with the top combination paying 5000x. The generous payouts are further supplemented by four different special features. The switches serve as a scatter with special payouts for three or more in any position. The Wild'o'Cution feature instantly transforms all symbols in the chosen row into wilds. Three or more test tube symbols opens a bonus game while bio symbols trigger an instant win via the Pick Me game.

For players outside of the US, some of the best 3D Slots can be found at Smart Live Casino. We highlight a few of our favorites below.

Pirate Slots


Slot machines are undoubtedly the most popular casino games in the world. Over the past few decades, slot machines have evolved. Video slot machines are now all over the internet. The latest online gaming craze is the 3D slot machine. Barbary Coast is the 3D slots of choice for the pirate-lover. The pirate theme is seen throughout their symbols, animations, and images.

Slot enthusiasts should be familiar with the general layout of the Barbary Coast 3D slot machine. Players can play up to 30 lines and can wager up to $1 per credit on the five-reel slot machine. Symbols included in the Barbary Coast 3D slots include the compass, crossbones, map, coins, cannon, treasure chest, and much more. Winning a spin results in an animation popping out towards the player. The background music is very similar to that of a popular pirate franchise.

Godather Slots


There is nothing more exciting than hitting a huge jackpot on the slot machines. With higher payouts and faster spins, online 3D slots are the way to go for the best chance of hitting a large chunk of change. One of the most popular online slot machines is The Slotfather. The theme is based on the popular Godfather franchise and features many gangster images, sounds, and animations.

In The Slotfather 3D slot machine, players are introduced to The Slotfather, Fat Tony, and Sammy Quick Fingers. This five-reel 3D slot machine allows players to bet 30 lines as they try to match symbols such as moneys of cash, cigars, Tommy guns, and expensive cars together. Three or more Slotfather symbols in a row on the same line results in a bonus round. All in all, this is one of the most fun 3D slot machines around.

Gladiator Slots


Online slot machines have taken a step into the future. Many online casinos today feature 3D slots with animations that come alive. The sights and sounds of these 3D slot machines are unparalleled. One popular 3D slot machine is Gladiator.

Gladiator features five-reels, 30 bet lines, and tons of ways to win money. This 3D slot machine is based in Rome where Gladiators fought to the death in the Coliseum. The symbols are images of old Romes horses, flags, gladiator fighters and, of course, the Coliseum. Players can bet up to $1 per line. The payouts seen at online casinos are generally higher than those at brick-and-mortar casinos.

3D slots are the future of online gaming. It may result in other casino games getting the 3D treatment. Try the popular Gladiator 3D slot machine for a taste of the future.

We already established that 3D slots are the best slot games on the internet. They just got better. Smart Live Vegas (Smart Live Casino) is offering an exclusive 100% up to 100 bonus for 3D Slots. Deposit at least 20 using the Smart Live Vegas bonus code VEGAS100 to claim this sweet bonus. We know you already wanted to play these exciting 3D slot machines; the bonus is just icing on the cake. Come try out 3D slots and make a little money right now!

Magical Forest 3D

This great innovative slot by 888Casino uses old school blue and red 3D glasses technology. Its very visually stimulating, with a great cinematic opening. The background gives the allure of being in a real forest, even the tree stumps and rocks on the ground double as the buttons and other game info. The game is constantly animated at a slow pace as butterflies and magical sparkles dance around the screen. Its mesmerizing just watching it idle. Its very life-like. For those without their own 3D glasses, there is also a 2D mode.

Magical Forest 3D is a 3 reel game with 5 pay lines. It uses the common bar/multi-bar symbols as well as other forest/magic themed icons such as mushrooms, cherries, enchanted trees, magical sparkles, jeweled rings and more.

888Casino, and parent company 888 Holdings, have always been great innovators in online gaming. They are very pleased to be able to offer this brand new, boundary expanding game to their customers. Without a doubt, we will see more real 3D slots and more groundbreaking technology from them in the future.

There are only a couple drawbacks to this game. Its only available for play with real money, so youll need to deposit before being able to see it in action. Theres also no progressive jackpot, something that slot game enthusiasts are often keen on.

Sterling Silver 3D

This is a brand new game with an old twist It is played using old school red and blue lens 3-D glasses! The action really pops on this one. When you score a line or more there are neat animation effects that are really unique due to the truly 3D nature of the game. The game is also available in 2D mode if you dont have the proper eyewear. Currently users need to acquire their own glasses, but I wouldnt be surprised if they started giving out pairs of them once this game gets more popular.

Sterling Silver 3D is has 5 reels and can be played with up to 25 lines of action at a time. The icons are poker, gold, silver and coin themed. The music is great with a chunky bass beat thats quite catchy. The number of credits playable per line ranges from 0.01 to 0.25. Playing every line means a minimum wager of 0.25 credits, and a maximum of 31.25 credits.

At the end of any spin where the player wins a coin payout, theres a special Gamble Feature button which lights up. By clicking on this the player can double or even quadruple their winnings! Just activate this feature and select RED or BLACK for a chance at double winnings, or select a suit to quadruple (4x) your previous winnings! Theres also great 3 icon scatter bonus which awards complimentary spins at an extra multiplier, as well as a Sterling Silver Wild icon which will substitute all symbols except a Scatter.

There are some things that could be improved on this game. For one the colors are rather boring, being mostly purple, green and teal. Theres also no background to speak of. It has the feel of an 8-bit game, albeit in 3 dimensions.

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