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Shana Hiatt's Playboy DVD/Video
The Girls of Hawaiian Tropic, Naked in Paradise

"Playboy - The Girls of Hawaiian Tropic, Naked In Paradise" had a theatrical release January 1, 1994 and the DVD release in July of 1998. This came out over 10 years ago, so Shana was pretty young somewhere around 18-19 years old.

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If you would like to download the video clips of "Naked in Paradise" from the internet at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the DVD (and have access to so much more Playboy material!), you can join the exclusive Playboy website, for as little as $2.95! Although, it's difficult, because the videos are changed every week, and you'll be looking for one part of the Hawaiian Tropic video (the last part).

Below is a review from a very happy Amazon.com customer:

Stellar DVD. The only "special features" are the women themselves. So far, I have only watched the segments featuring Angel Boris, Ashley Allen, Sung Hi Lee, Shana Hiatt, and "Michelle". Definitely well worth the money for those alone. This is my first Playboy DVD purchase, and I'm not necessarily in a big hurry to buy more right away, but this one can more than tide you over. The women are videotaped in attractive tropical locales, naked of course, touching themselves (to put it mildly) in steamy poses, and very tan which is an added value. Shana Hiatt's perfomance has to be the highlight among highlights on this disc, which is probably why they saved it for last. Watching her straddle some guy, other than yourself, might not sound too appealing at first (meaning it might be better to see her straddling one of the other aforementioned girls, perhaps) but this sequence is shot so that it's pretty easy to ignore him. I tend to disagree that the segments are too short. Things move nice and slow on their own in most segments, so you don't even really need to run the disc in slo-mo, though it doesn't hurt to do so. You can restart the segments countless times. Very impressive stuff. If some of these girls don't happen to be "official" Playboy playmates, I, for one am not too disappointed about it.

This reviewer gave Shana Hiatt big prop's for her piece in the video. Pretty much what we would expect.

Here's what another Amazon reviewer posts:

This is a staggeringly sexy DVD, especially Angel Boris and Shana Hiatt (the reasons I bought the DVD, fortunately). And whereas other directors of Playboy videos and DVDs seem a little shy, this is an in-your-face production in all the right ways. The fact that these women are also the winners of the Hawaiian Tropic bikini contests, instead of standard Playboy actress/model/whatever Playmates means that inhibitions are few, and except for one or two moments where you want especially airheaded girls to shut up already, this is a winner. If you're going to buy any Playboy DVDs, buy this one. (And stay well away from "Best of Wet and Wild" while you're at it ...)

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