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Welcome to Shana Hiatt FTR Fan Site!
The Complete Shana Hiatt Fan Site!

Hi poker fans and Shana Hiatt fans. I thought I'd put this little temple up to give prop's to the most charming and beautiful poker celebrity out there - our favorite hostess, Shana Hiatt. (I've noticed a lot of misspellings with her name, get it straight guys, it's not Shauna, Shawna, Shania, Shanna, or Hyat, Hyatt, and Hiat!)

I am a huge fan of poker on television. And my favorite show, of course, is Travel Channel's The World Poker Tour (WPT). But the new Poker After Dark on NBC with Shana again as the hostess is pretty good. I am also a big fan of online poker, having real money accounts at several of the top online poker rooms, with my all time favorite poker room and most active account being . Shana Hiatt is also involved in the online poker world, she was hired as the spokesperson in 2003 and promotes ! But now as the hostess of Poker After Dark, sponsored by , I'm sure she's now more involved with Full Tilt than PartyPoker.

Shana Hiatt WPT 2004 Pictures
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Ok, so back to the subject, all my free time seems to be consumed by playing cards at Full Tilt Poker or watching poker on television.

And interestingly enough, Shana has infiltrated both of my favorite passtimes.

Shana Hiatt was the hostess of the World Poker Tour (WPT), featured on the Travel Channel every Wednesday evening and repeated every Saturday afternoon. The popularity of the WPT has exploded, and our enchanting hostess, Shana Hiatt, contributed to the success of the show by providing fun yet insightful commentary, interviews, and background information on the varous locales and poker personalities.

Her charm and personality fly off the screen, and her rising popularity will undoubtedly carry her further in the TV and film industries.

Shana Hiatt WPT Pics
World Poker Tour Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved.
Shana Hiatt WPT Pics
Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle
Shana Hiatt WPT Pics
World Poker Tour Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved.

But Shawna's affiliation with poker does not end with the WPT. Not only is Shana the hostess for the World Poker Tour, she is also the official spokesperson for PartyPoker.com... another great online poker room!

So, I spend most of my free time playing online poker or watching poker on the World Poker Tour... which means I can't escape Shana's influence, which I guess is why I decided to put this site together!

Shana's poker involvement doesn't even end there, read more about Shana and poker in the Poker Girl! section.

And even though Shana really hit the mainstream with the World Poker Tour, she already had an accomplished past in both modeling and acting. The Playboy video, The Girls of Hawaiian Tropic - Naked in Paradise is one of several surprises and accomplishments of Shana's past.

Visit these links to read all about Shana Hyatt's Biography, Modeling Career, and Filmography.

And be sure to visit the most complete Shana Hiatt Photo Gallery on the internet! (Must be at least 18 years of age to enter!)

Hope you enjoy Shana Hiatt FTR Fan Site and thank you for visiting!

What's New at Shana Hiatt FTR Fan Site!

11 October 2006
  • NBC announces "Poker After Dark" hosted by Shana Hiatt

    NEW YORK -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- NBC invites viewers into the exclusive Las Vegas poker scene with its new late night show, "Poker After Dark," debuting Jan. 2 at 2:05 a.m. ET/PT, it was announced today by Marc Graboff, President, NBC Universal Television, West Coast. The nightly hour-long show, hosted by Shana Hiatt, one of poker's most recognizable faces, will air Monday Saturday and features six poker professionals vying for a winner-take-all $120,000 first place prize.

    Hosted by former World Poker Tour host Hiatt dubbed one of Maxim magazine's "Hot 100 of 2005" each night of original programming will feature an intimate look at one table as it develops over the week, culminating with a winner on Friday night. Saturday night's show the "director's cut" will recap the week's events with Hiatt and that week's winner offering commentary and insight into their winning strategy (airing from 1-2 a.m. ET/PT following "Saturday Night Live" check local listings).

    Set in the back room of various casinos on the Vegas strip, "Poker After Dark" gives viewers an intimate look inside a poker game usually reserved for the eyes of the professional poker players themselves. "Poker After Dark" will feature the world's top pros, all miked during the weekly battles for the $120,000 pot including Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Erick Lindgren, Jennifer Harman and Gus Hansen fighting it out for poker supremacy.

    "There's a vibrant late night audience looking for original programming," said Graboff. "We felt this inside look at the professional poker scene is perfect for late night television and those viewers seeking an unique and original broadcast."

    Hiatt, an East Coast native, hosted the World Poker Tour from 2003 to 2005. A former model, Hiatt has also appeared in the films "Must Love Dogs" and "Grandma's Boy."

    "Poker After Dark" is produced in conjunction with Poker Productions, the only television production company owned and operated by top professional poker players. Producers Mori Eskandani and Eric Drache bring 63 years of combined poker experience to their company and both have played a key role in producing some of television's best poker shows, including both seasons of NBC's "Heads Up Championship," two seasons of GSN's "High Stakes Poker," three seasons of Fox Sports Net and NBC's "Poker Superstars" and CBS' "Intercontinental Poker Championship."

    October 2006

    Shana Hiatt, an instrumental figure in the development of the World Poker Tour has sued her former employer. Hiatt, the hostess of the poplar TV series, has filed suit in Los Angeles against the WPT, CEO Steve Lipscomb, and ten unnamed 'John Does' for what the suit says is 'intentional interference with economic advantage'. The lawsuit claims that upon discovering that NBC had contacted Hiatt's representatives about her hosting a couple shows for the network, including the highly popular /NBC National Heads Up Championship/, Lipscomb called executives at the network, and informed them that hiring Hiatt would be in violation of a non-compete clause Shana signed with the WPT upon her exit. The suit claims the there is no such clause, and any options the WPT may have had on Hiatt have expired. The suit seeks an injunction to allow Hiatt to pursue the opportunities presented her. The suit also alleges that Hiatt left the World Poker Tour because several WPT execs created a 'hostile work environment', and is seeking punitive and monetary damages. The first hearing in this matter is scheduled for October 17th . At press time, the WPT had not commented on the lawsuit.

    December, 2005
  • To all you guys who pretended to like poker in order to watch Shana Hiatt on the "World Poker Tour," we're sorry to say that she has indeed left the series. Though she gave no official reason why, many believe the former model wants to pursue her acting career. She most recently appeared in the movie 'Must Love Dogs."

    August, 2005
  • Former World Poker Tour host Shana Hiatt is engaged to Hollywood movie producer Todd Garner. Garner, a founding partner of Revolution Studios, served as executive producer on the hit films 'XXX,' 'Anger Management,' '13 Going on 30' and 'Are We There Yet?', among many others, and oversaw all aspects of production and development for the Revolution's motion pictures during the company's remarkable first five years.

    May, 2005
  • Shana Hiatt makes Maxim's Hot 100, reaching spot #27. Be sure to check out Maxim Magazine for all the details!

    April, 2005
  • It was announced that Shana Hiatt will not be returning to the World Poker Tour for Season 4. She is moving on to pursue her acting career. Oh no!!! She will be sorely missed, but her replacement, Courtney Friel, I'm sure will do a fine job!

    September, 2004
  • Shana Hiatt is featured on the cover of this month's Player Magazine!

    Shana Hiatt Player Magazine

  • July, 2004
  • More super hot pictures of Shana Hiatt have been added to our Photo Gallery, including the Shana Hiatt Totally Nude section! Check it out, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  • Shana Hiatt has a great picture in the July 2004 issue of Playboy! Check out the photo here!

  • June, 2004
  • The World Poker Tour has released a hilarious video of Shana's outtakes! Click here to view the version of the video!

  • We've added more sizzling photos of Shana! Check out our Photo Gallery and see new pictures of the Poker Girl!

  • May, 2004
  • Shana Hiatt has an incredible photo spread in FHM magazine. Smokin' hot! Check out the June, 2004 edition of FHM, and see Shana set the pages on fire!

  • Shana Hiatt is also featured in the premiere issue of All In Magazine! Check out the article "The Girl Next Door", featuring an interview with Shana and some pic's of Shana poolside at the Bellagio!


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